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How to spell MDZ correctly?

If you've mistakenly typed "mdz" instead of a word you intended to search for, here are a few correct suggestions. It could be an abbreviation for a medical disorder like "MDs" (physicians), "meds" (medications) or "Modz" (for modified items). Always double-check your spelling for accurate results!

List of suggestions on how to spell mdz correctly

  • ADZ He used an adz to shape the log into a smooth, rounded surface.
  • BDZ
  • CDZ
  • Dz I am learning the Dzongkha language, which features the unique consonant cluster "dz".
  • M dz
  • MCZ
  • Md I have an appointment with Dr. Smith, an experienced Md, tomorrow morning.
  • MD I scheduled an appointment with my MD to discuss my symptoms.
  • MDA MDA stands for Monitored Dosage Aspirin, a medication used to prevent heart attacks.
  • MDB I exported the data from the spreadsheet into an MDB file for easier database management.
  • MDC The MDC is an abbreviation for the Movement for Democratic Change, which is a prominent political party in Zimbabwe.
  • MDD MDD is commonly treated with a combination of therapy and medication.
  • MDE MDE stands for "Mobile Device Management," a software solution used to monitor and control smartphones and tablets used within an organization.
  • MDF I bought a new MDF desk for my home office.
  • MDG The MDG initiative aims to tackle global issues such as extreme poverty and lack of access to education and healthcare.
  • MDI MDI is commonly used to treat asthma and other respiratory disorders.
  • MDJ MDJ is the abbreviation for Magisterial District Judge.
  • MDK
  • MDL The MDL stands for multidistrict litigation, which allows similar cases to be consolidated and coordinated under one judge.
  • MDM Implementing MDM software has greatly improved our company's mobile device security measures.
  • MDN MDN is an acronym for Mozilla Developer Network, a helpful resource for web developers.
  • MDP The MDP (Markov Decision Process) is a mathematical framework used in reinforcement learning to model decision-making problems with sequential interactions.
  • MDQ
  • MDR MDR stands for "Medical Device Reporting," which is a process used to collect and analyze information about adverse events associated with medical devices.
  • MDs MDs are highly trained medical professionals who diagnose, treat, and prescribe medications for various health conditions.
  • MDS MDS stands for Myelodysplastic Syndromes, a group of blood disorders characterized by abnormal development of blood cells.
  • MDT The MDT software allows seamless communication between different departments in the company.
  • MDV I have booked an MDV for our corporate team's transportation during the conference.
  • MDX The MDX is a popular luxury SUV known for its powerful engine and spacious interior.
  • MHz The computer's processor runs at a speed of 3.5 GHz, equivalent to 3500 MHz.
  • MMZ MMZ is an abbreviation for "mobile market zone," which refers to a specific area where mobile network operators provide services.
  • MOZ MOZ's mission is to make SEO and digital marketing accessible to everyone.
  • MTZ I am planning to visit MTZ, a beautiful mountainous region known for its breathtaking views.
  • MZ MZ is the abbreviation for "megaohm", a unit of electrical resistance.

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