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How to spell MEAKE correctly?

If you accidentally type "meake" instead of "make", don't fret! Autocorrect can be a lifesaver, offering useful suggestions. It might propose "make", "meek" or "break". Choosing the appropriate option will help avoid confusion and ensure your message or document is error-free. Remember to double-check your work before sending or finalizing it!

List of suggestions on how to spell meake correctly

  • Eke He hoped to eke out a living by selling his crafts.
  • Mae Mae is a common name in many Southeast Asian cultures.
  • make I will make some coffee for us.
  • maker The maker of this watch has designed it to be water-resistant.
  • makes The delicious aroma of the food makes me hungry.
  • meade
  • meager The company's profits were only meager this quarter.
  • meagre The family survived on a meagre diet of beans and rice.
  • meek The meek student quietly asked the teacher for clarification.
  • meeker After losing his job, he became meeker and more submissive in his behavior.
  • menage
  • merge The two companies decided to merge in order to increase competitiveness and expand their market share.
  • mike Mike is a common name for boys.
  • remake The new "Lion King" movie is a remake of the classic animated film from 1994.

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