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How to spell MEAKING correctly?

If you frequently come across the misspelling "meaking", here are some possible correct suggestions. The word you may be seeking is "making", which refers to the act of creating or producing something. Ensure you double-check your spellings to avoid confusion and maintain clear communication in your writing.

List of suggestions on how to spell meaking correctly

  • baking I enjoy baking cookies for my friends and family during the holiday season.
  • Caking The caking of mud on my boots made it difficult to walk.
  • Eking John was eking out a living by working long hours at a minimum wage job.
  • faking She was faking her smile and her happiness, even though she was going through a tough time.
  • leaking The roof is leaking due to the heavy rain.
  • making She enjoyed making pies for her family.
  • makings I have all the makings for a wonderful dinner party, including fresh ingredients and fancy decorations.
  • marking She was in charge of marking the papers that had been submitted by the students.
  • masking I use a masking tape to mask off the area I don't want to paint.
  • mating The mating season for penguins typically occurs during the winter months.
  • meaning
  • mekong The Mekong River is the main river in Southeast Asia.
  • merging The merging of the two companies resulted in increased profits.
  • Meting The meting of punishment was done in a fair and just manner.
  • Mewing Mewing cats could be heard from the alleyway, interrupting the quiet night.
  • Milking
  • mocking He was mocking her about her fashion sense.
  • mucking I hate mucking out the barn because it always leaves me covered in dirt and manure.
  • Peaking The temperatures in the area were peaking.
  • peking The Forbidden City, also known as the Chinese Imperial Palace, is located in Peking.
  • Raking I was raking the leaves yesterday and now my back hurts.
  • remaking Jackie is remaking her life and she's happy with the new direction she's taking.
  • taking Taking a break from work can improve productivity.
  • waking I was waking up from my dog's licking when my phone rang.
  • Wreaking After tearing the curtains, she was wreaking havoc all over the house.

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