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How to spell MEANESS correctly?

If you find yourself mistakenly typing "meaness" instead of "meanness", don't worry! Auto-correct can be merciless. The correct spelling is "meanness", referring to the quality of being unkind or cruel. Remember to double-check and proofread to ensure your writing is free from misspellings.

List of suggestions on how to spell meaness correctly

  • madness The world seems to be enveloped in a state of utter madness.
  • Manes The horses' manes were blowing in the wind as they galloped across the field.
  • Mealiness I cannot seem to shake this feeling of mealiness.
  • meanders The river meanders through the valley before reaching the sea.
  • meaner The meaner you are, the more people will like you.
  • meanest I would say that the meanest thing to do is to hurt someone's feelings.
  • meanies The meanies at school used to make fun of me for wearing second-hand clothes.
  • meanness Her constant meanness towards her classmates resulted in her being excluded from group projects.
  • means Learning different languages means gaining a new understanding of cultures around the world.
  • Meatiness My meatiness is noticeably lacking.
  • meekness Her meekness was mistaken for weakness by those who did not know her true strength.
  • Menes The ancient Egyptian king Menes reigned circa 2600 BC.

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