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How to spell MEANINESS correctly?

If you're looking for the correct suggestions for the misspelling "meaniness", try replacing it with "meanness". This term refers to the quality of being mean or unkind. Alternatively, "meanness" can be substituted with "malice", "cruelty" or "unkindness", depending on the context.

List of suggestions on how to spell meaniness correctly

  • manginess I'm not sure what you mean by "manginess," but it's not something I experience.
  • manliness Although society defines manliness in a particular way, true manliness is displayed through compassion, empathy, and selflessness.
  • Mealiness The mealiness of the apple made it difficult to eat.
  • meanies The meanies at school always made fun of her for wearing glasses.
  • meaningless The conversation with my ex was totally meaningless.
  • meanings The different languages people speak often have different connotations and meanings for the same words.
  • meanness Her meanness towards her peers led to her being ostracized from the group.
  • Meatiness The meatiness of the steak was a revelation.
  • merriness The sound of carolers brought a sense of merriness to the quiet street.
  • messiness Her desk is always in a state of messiness, with papers and folders strewn about.
  • zaniness The zaniness of the comedian's performance had the audience laughing uncontrollably.

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