What is the correct spelling for MEARELY?

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Correct spelling for MEARELY

We think the word mearely is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for mearely

  • barely "I barely remember how she looked.
  • demurely "I can't imagine," she said, demurely.
  • mare The mare was not the only one worth watching; her rider shared the praise.
  • marl In many parts of France- in Auvergne, for example- strata occur of limestone, marl, and sandstone hundreds of feet thick, which contain exclusively fresh- water and land shells, together with the remains of terrestrial quadrupeds.
  • marley Was that Marley Bullock?
  • mary What do you know of him, Mary?"
  • maturely Perhaps the strongest feature in his character was prudence, never acting until every circumstance, every consideration, was maturely weighed; refraining if he saw a doubt, but, when once decided, going through with his purpose, whatever obstacles opposed.
  • meagerly The larger room was furnished meagerly with a rough deal table, several common chairs, and a double-doored cupboard against the wall.
  • meal 10,255. On October 5 the meal was 5s, 9d.
  • mealy Jemima was tall and angular, with her hair accurately parted in the middle, and drawn in a great sweep over her ears-a fashion intended by Nature for Keren-happuch, who was round of face, and with a complexion in which there appeared that mealy pink upon the cheeks which is peculiar to the metropolis.
  • meanly And Aunt Emmy herself, of course; and poor old Aunt Kitty down the lane; and Aunt Mary and, yes-Florence too, although she did treat me so meanly.
  • measly Once they were a frank and manly race, now they are measly hypocrites, and sodden with servility.
  • mere Moreover, the mere act of writing is stimulating to thought.
  • merely "So much unselfish devotion to turn out merely love!
  • merle But from the moment Merle entered the house, she took command of everything, and whisked in and out.
  • merrily Now the pannikin passed round merrily.
  • moral Its moral is now a hackneyed one.
  • morale Judging rightly of the enemy's morale, he set spurs to his horse, and charging into the midst, ordered them to lay down their arms; and fifteen or twenty prisoners, marching to the rear, amused the troops they met on the march by loudly proclaiming that they had the honour of being captured by Stonewall Jackson.
  • morally Methods of this kind are legal but they are morally reprehensible.
  • morel The council had to yield; it restored his freedom to M. Morel, and postponed until later its decision as to the validity of the claims of the ecclesiastical court.
  • morley And then Morley staggered toward Sandy and stretched his arms out to him.
  • mural It was left to the Puritans, impelled by fanaticism and ignorance, to make "a slanderous desolation of the places of prayer," and it is to them we owe much of the destruction of the old mural paintings.
  • rarely For it was her father who had brought those things about, and while Thorpe had no use for the whole mediumistic business, he rarely said so to the Crane family.
  • rely But it is one thing to rely on international law, and quite another thing, in an age of violence and chicanery, to hazard the gravest material interests on its observance.
  • wearily Everard smiled very wearily at the words.
  • Merrill Not only Master Merrill, but two boy friends of his, an old gentleman, whom I should imagine was their instructor, and a cowboy.

172 words made from the letters mearely

4 letter words made from mearely:

lame, ayre, maly, rale, real, eery, mayr, lyme, lamy, eyam, earl, lery, yale, lyre, emel, aryl, ryle, arey, ryme, aery, lear, year, alee, mary, ealy, rayl, yelm, ylem, eral, reay, ayer, meye, myre, eely, reye, mare, merl, layr, marl, elea, mler, meal, erya, rely, emly, laye, eley, eyra, reel, ymer, male, mere, elya, almy, ream, army, leer, yele, lyra.

3 letter words made from mearely:

lay, lem, elm, eel, rem, may, eye, yea, ley, era, ear, lam, ray, arm, rya, lee, mar, ayr, mya, lea, ler, lye, ram, yam, are, rye, mal, ale.

5 letter words made from mearely:

lamer, armey, ameer, reale, lemay, ayler, elmar, leary, maerl, emery, leery, armel, relay, marle, leamy, aryee, eyler, yealm, lamey, merle, ramly, ealey, leare, rayle, leear, reema, maele, early, ramle, merya, aleye, remey, realm, mealy, areel, aremy, ayele, emley, meale, mylae, armee, marly, ermal, eelam, reamy, alery, marye, ramee, lyrae, alere, malee, almer, eamer, maler, yerma, mayle, mayer, remya, leray, mylar, ermey, aleem, lerma, maley, realy, emler, meare, myler, layer.

6 letter words made from mearely:

almere, ramlee, leemay, relyea, marley, mealey, mealer, meyler, remaly, remley, melear, armley, mayele, merely, maylee.

7 letter words made from mearely:


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