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How to spell MEARS correctly?

Possible correct suggestions for the misspelling "mears" could be "meets", "mears", "mere" or "mires" depending on the context of use. It is important to proofread and use dictionaries to ensure proper spelling and grammar.

List of suggestions on how to spell mears correctly

  • Bears The forest was filled with the sound of bears rustling through the bushes.
  • dears "Hello dears, how may I assist you today?" the shop assistant greeted the customers.
  • EARS I cleansed my ears with cotton swabs.
  • Fears I have fears about what the future may hold.
  • gears The car's engine started to rumble as the gears shifted into fourth.
  • hears When a person hears good music, their mood may improve.
  • mar The storm caused the ship to hit a rock and mar its pristine white hull.
  • MARES The horse farm had several mares and stallions in the pasture.
  • Maris I think I'll head to the pier and eat some sushi with Maris.
  • marks The teacher handed back the tests with red marks all over them.
  • mars Mars is the fourth planet from the sun in the solar system.
  • marts I always enjoy checking out the local farmer's marts to choose the freshest produce for my meals.
  • MAS I'm allergic to peanuts, but I eat a MAS bar every now and then.
  • mass The mass of the box was too heavy for me to carry by myself.
  • MAWS The maws of the cave were dark and foreboding.
  • mays
  • meals It is important to have three meals a day for a balanced diet.
  • means The means of transportation means getting to work.
  • MEAS
  • Meats The grocery store had a wide variety of meats.
  • meows My cat always meows for food in the morning.
  • mesas The restaurant was filled with mesas where diners enjoyed their meals.
  • mess I need to clean up this mess before my parents arrive.
  • mews Cats have a reputation for being independent but some cats like mews feel lonely and need a kind human to pet them and
  • moors I'm going to go for a walk on the moors.
  • Myers I am Lauren Myers
  • nears The end of the school year nears, and students are preparing for final exams.
  • Pears I love to snack on juicy pears as an afternoon snack.
  • rears
  • sears I found the vacuum cleaner at Sears.
  • smears She thought the smears on her shirt were from her breakfast, but then noticed red smears on her hand.
  • tears She couldn't hold back her tears when she heard the devastating news.
  • wears She always wears a red dress to her friend's wedding.
  • years I have studied English for many years.

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