What is the correct spelling for MEDIPHOR?

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Correct spelling for MEDIPHOR

We think the word mediphor is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for mediphor

  • media It makes a good general purpose tool and can deal with the widest variety of target media.
  • medial When the skin is damaged, as it so frequently is on the medial aspect of the tibia, means must be taken to prevent infection.
  • median Now, this Cyrus had before overthrown the Median king, Astyages, whose daughter was his own mother.
  • mediator The soldiers were displeased with Pollio, one of their two prefects, who bade them immediately swear allegiance to Vitellius; and when they understood that some of the senators were still upon the spot, they made no opposition to the departure of the rest, but only disturbed the tranquillity of Virginius Rufus with an offer of the government, and moving in one body to his house in arms, they first entreated him, and then demanded of him to accept of the empire, or at least to be their mediator.
  • medic The medic flexed his muscles and said: "I can't take the responsibility-" "When are you people going to get it through your stubborn heads that the responsibility for this whole shebang is mine and mine alone?"
  • medici This, the cradle of the Medicean family, was erected in 1431, after the design of Michelozzi, by Cosmo Pater Patriae, and continued to be the residence of the Medici till 1540, when it was abandoned for the Palazzo Vecchio.
  • medico That poisoning is mainly a feminine crime is a familiar fact of which modern medico-legal writers have spoken much; even the ancient authors, not medical, like Livy, Tacitus, etc.
  • medina However, the ties of friendship made me keep up my acquaintance with Varnier, the Duke of Medina Sidonia, and the architect, Sabatini, who always gave me a warm welcome, as did his wife.
  • medium 25 grams 3 medium leaves.
  • metaphor At the lower end of this reach of the Danube are what the metaphor-loving Ottomans first called the 'Iron Gates,' and they no doubt found them an insurmountable barrier to their western progress up the river.
  • meteor Happiness had suddenly flashed with a meteor-like radiance into Young's life only to be snuffed out like a candle in a windy gloom, but his work, his duty remained.
  • metier My metier is to write-one day I even hope to become a great writer.
  • modifier By means of a volcano, a mountain may be raised in a plain, and a volcanic mountain might even rise out of the sea. The formation of this species of mountain requires not the wearing operations of the earth which we have been considering as the modifier of our alpine regions.
  • modify I modify somewhat, for my use and for theirs, the famous motto of the Jesuits, 'Aut sint ut sunt,' and I make it, 'Aut non erunt.
  • modish He had not appeared in this disguise for more than seventy years; in fact, not since he had so frightened pretty Lady Barbara Modish by means of it, that she suddenly broke off her engagement with the present Lord Canterville's grandfather, and ran away to Gretna Green with handsome Jack Castletown, declaring that nothing in the world would induce her to marry into a family that allowed such a horrible phantom to walk up and down the terrace at twilight.
  • Metaphors It is not merely a melting and a restamping of old coin with a new superscription, a new sovereignty-a composite face instead of a personal likeness-it is the making, as I have said in other illustrations and metaphors, of a new race.
  • MEDIAS Ipse, colle, quem insederat, undique armatis circumdato, intempesta nocte per medias hostium custodias somno oppressas incolumis evasit.
  • selfdiscipline

267 words made from the letters mediphor

4 letter words made from mediphor:

pome, mieh, redo, heim, drop, hide, dier, mope, eroh, moed, moir, ried, herm, mhrd, ideo, dohm, hoei, rihm, hodr, perm, pido, homr, dehm, rohp, emir, drem, hedo, hore, demo, dire, mire, miho, meio, hime, dorh, eipo, omir, miro, prom, peri, pier, moer, dorm, hope, home, mihr, rime, hord, depr, ipoh, oder, phir, ipho, odeh, peor, deim, pedi, pore, more, demi, dome, hemo, prod, ohmi, dohr, dior, pedo, ihde, podi, riem, drip, pehr, dope, dimo, hemi, mehd, herd, rdio, rohm, ride, dero, ihme, meir, reho, rope, eohr, hopi, pmoi, poem, ripe, poer, hoer, mehr, hemp, rimo, rome, deop, mohd, hire, phor, pied, prim, rohe, rido, reph, dime, reid, dher, doer, mode, hero, romp, preh, hiep, riho, heir, deor.

5 letter words made from mediphor:

hopei, doreh, prime, miedo, phorm, orhei, ohmer, horde, mehri, dermo, rheid, poire, poder, domei, morph, medio, impro, herod, emodi, ropid, domer, deiro, moher, doire, rompe, rohde, pedir, mired, rhome, prohm, oiher, homie, hiero, empor, impor, dheim, pomer, omeir, permo, deori, riehm, diehm, demir, roehm, priem, ohrid, odier, medhi, pride, prome, homed, merid, moper, dimer, erimo, homer, mehdi, horme, primo, moire, driem, roehi, opher, phrom, pheri, dohme, rhipe, hired, mohri, doper, riped, eprom, demio, emirp, hoder, rehim, dheri, dromi, drohi, rimed, horie, derom, depor, midre, moreh, hoper, prodi, moped.

3 letter words made from mediphor:

ipo, mid, ore, pom, per, phi, pie, mph, mho, oed, ire, mri, edo, med, poe, rpm, rod, pre, pro, hmo, mod, hip, pid, hop, ohm, iod, doh, mop, dip, hie, hep, mrd, ido, idp, pod, rom, phd, mei, pei, rim, imp, rid, dph, hem, hoe, rio, red, rem, imo, doe, hod, rho, roe, dre, epi, rip, ode, edp, dim, die, poi, rep.

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