Correct spelling for MEICATION

We think the word meication is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for meication

  • Mediation(Definition of mediation)
  • May not this charge be in some degree urged, and even more strongly than in the case of the jews, against those who satisfy themselves with vague, general, occasional thoughts of our saviour's mediation; and the source of whose habitual complacency, as we explained above, is rather their being tolerably well satisfied with their own characters and conduct?

  • Megaton
  • Cation(Definition of cation)
  • However, the 2-norbornyl cation can be formed from derivatives of β-(δ3-cyclopentenyl)-ethane, indicating that the pi-bonded resonance structure is significant.

  • Mutation(Definition of mutation)
  • Fiction(Definition of fiction)
  • 3. adventure and adventures-fiction.

  • Faction(Definition of faction)
  • The writings of brantome, comines, froissart, and others, are dictated by their natural feelings: while the passions of modern writers are temperate with dispassionate philosophy, or inflamed by the virulence of faction.

  • Ligation(Definition of ligation)
  • The risk of developing ovarian cancer is reduced in women who have had tubal ligation (colloquially known as having ones "tubes tied"), both ovaries removed, or hysterectomy (an operation in which the uterus, and sometimes the cervix, is removed).

  • Medication(Definition of medication)
  • In persons with epilepsy, the hypoxia caused by apnea may be powerful enough to trigger seizures even in the presence of medication that otherwise controls those seizures well.

  • Equation(Definition of equation)
  • But no, fisher insists on putting concrete data into it, and, indeed, gives an elaborate statistical "proof" of the equation.

  • Migration(Definition of migration)
  • Demarcation(Definition of demarcation)
  • He heard himself told by mr page that he was on dangerous ground, "within a few rods of the line of demarcation."

  • Action(Definition of action)
  • Now i suppose it will have to be a fleet action at sea."

  • Location(Definition of location)
  • Besides in a wisely chosen location, these, though lacking at first, are soon added as the demand grows.

  • Mention(Definition of mention)
  • Reaction(Definition of reaction)
  • Vocation(Definition of vocation)
  • Fumigation
  • Unnecessary furniture, especially that which is stuffed, carpets, and hangings, should, when possible, be removed from the room at the outset; otherwise they should remain for subsequent fumigation and treatment.

  • Negation(Definition of negation)
  • Mitigation(Definition of mitigation)
  • Motion(Definition of motion)
  • Vacation(Definition of vacation)
  • Caution(Definition of caution)
  • Every step of this house has been marked with caution and wisdom.

  • Legation(Definition of legation)
  • Already the french ambassador, andreossi, had left vienna, and all the members of the legation had followed him.

  • Mccain
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  • Section(Definition of section)
  • Diction(Definition of diction)
  • These forgeries were immensely popular in spite of their wild and over-strained diction.

542 words made from the letters meication

3 letter words made from meication:

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5 letter words made from meication:

caito, cinae, motia, netco, manco, omani, natio, ician, eiman, imina, naomi, monet, ciona, iinet, coate, camii, amont, canoe, enami, monic, emani, cinoa, eatin, meoni, moena, centi, emain, metan, anemo, omnia, cioni, nomae, amnii, naito, ontic, eitam, etian, antic, cotai, ocain, noema, cione, conti, coati, namoi, mento, actio, cinma, amine, manic, itoen, ament, etica, cotan, maine, comen, comet, cinto, monie, canim, conta, amici, canio, miano, monia, otaci, metic, intoe, antim, imano, otani, neamt, niota, cimon, monae, amnic, atoni, actin, inmet, nitai, imeni, caion, comae, monti, maini, mecta, imoni, mince, nimet, mieno, acone, amini, motie, miani, etiam, moine, tamei, aceto, neato, ation, comte, mante, monta, macon, ceman, ciano, nicot, canet, atemi, entia, inite, ionia, moita, cient, ianto, noica, oaten, menia, manti, netam, meton, namco, mance, itami, nemco, maton, iacon, ecton, minec, metin, imeon, amino, ciena, imane, comin, atone, onate, cnote, mineo, incae, menta, minoa, amien, comnt, aimin, taimi, emini, otman, naeim, aiton, moten, iname, aneto, cinta, minto, canem, minea, meina, octan, emona, cameo, nieto, aimco, ciani, einat, oncet, namie, noite, camon, iteco, inami, miina, anime, matei, nomia, itaim, nocte, ionic, animo, onemi, nimit, niemi, menti, manet, tamen, maino, monte, ocean, enact, caton, iceni, amnio, einai, canot, cante, noemi, imino, menai, canto, citie.

4 letter words made from meication:

6 letter words made from meication:

eamont, cinema, cetina, conima, tieman, iocate, tioman, atomic, ionita, timina, mitica, miotic, nicati, tamini, niotic, maione, income, iceman, aminet, tainio, citian, conate, ticino, cotman, mation, mainit, atonce, tecoma, matein, timoci, action, moetan, tomine, octane, amonte, itoman, aeonic, acteon, nimite, intima, montia, mantic, anemic, contem, taione, tiomin, itonia, niceto, manioc, aition, neotic, mitani, maniot, motani, camion, netcam, oneact, notice, cameto, anicet, minica, coeini, ontime, mecano, matine, cometa, maicon, ionate, cation, amenti, centai, tamein, comite, micate, mantei, econit, atonic, anemoi, inacom, ciment, moitie, comita, taniec, comint, conita, moneta, catino, acmite, enatic, necati, ciento, eciton, noaimi, octine, mencia, incite, noetic, manteo, aminic, monact, anomic, inmate, motian, micton, ticona, anomie, encima, mincio, etamin, mitino, meanto, metica, antico, comate, comein, maceio, camote, cimino, actine, tomini, catone.

7 letter words made from meication:

comenta, centimo, encomia, iomante, maticin, tonemic, miconia, anomite, comtian, atencio, cinemat, omineca, maconie, miniate, intimae, miniace, amniote, noticia, nematic, incaite, caimito, imation, meiotic, cimento, aconite, cetonia, comitan, amicite, miniato.