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How to spell MELE correctly?

If you've mistakenly typed "mele" instead of the correct spelling, here are a few suggestions to consider: 1) "mile" for a unit of distance, 2) "male" referring to the gender, 3) "mel" for a casual abbreviation of the name Melanie or 4) "meal" for a planned eating occasion. Double-check your intended word and ensure accuracy!

List of suggestions on how to spell mele correctly

  • male The male lion is known for its majestic mane.
  • Mel Mel eats an apple every day for breakfast.
  • meld She tried to meld the two conflicting ideas into one coherent argument.
  • melee We were eager to melee the druid, but he was too elusive.
  • melt
  • meme The meme went viral on social media in a matter of hours.
  • mere
  • merle The merle dog had a patch of dark brown fur on its back.
  • Mete The teacher will mete out punishment to students who misbehave in class.
  • mile The marathon runners still had a mile to go before reaching the finish line.
  • MLLE
  • mole I have a mole on my left arm.
  • mule I saddled my mule for the journey.
  • Pele Rumors persist that the volcano goddess Pele still dwells within the dormant Kilauea volcano.

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