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How to spell MENES correctly?

If you're looking for the correct suggestions for the misspelling "menes", you might have meant "means", which refers to a method or way of achieving something. Alternatively, it could be a typo for "menus", which pertains to a list of options for food or actions.

List of suggestions on how to spell menes correctly

  • Genes The genes that are responsible for your height are located on the long sheet of DNA that is found in your cells.
  • Manes I must take my Manes home before they get ruined.
  • MANS
  • meanies I can't stand these meanies in my class.
  • means The means of transportation in this city are primarily buses and trains.
  • memes I'm not sure if you're talking about the internet memes.
  • Mends Bob busted his leg so he needed a mends.
  • Menes Menes is believed to be the first pharaoh of ancient Egypt.
  • mensa She's heard of the infamous Mensa Society, but has never been able to join because of its stringent membership requirements.
  • menses "I cannot attend the party tonight due to my menses," said Sarah to her friends.
  • menus The restaurant offers a variety of menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • MERES King Meres ordered the construction of a new palace.
  • METES She carefully balanced the METES on her shoulders.
  • miens Despite the fact that miens is a very common word, it can be an challenging one to use correctly.
  • MINERS Many miners worked long hours in the dark depths of the earth.
  • MINES The country is rich in gold mines.
  • Minis I love eating minis because they're bite-sized and perfect for snacking.
  • minos I am Minos, ruler of the underworld.
  • minus I have six apples and two of them are rotten, so I have four apples left, minus the two rotten ones.
  • Moneys The organization will use the donated moneys to fund their research project.
  • monies I have been spending a lot of my monies on cigarettes.
  • mons The mons pubis is a fatty region located over the pubic bone in females.
  • mynas I saw a flock of mynas on the telephone wire this morning.

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