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How to spell MENISUS correctly?

If you've misspelled "menisus", fear not! The correct spelling is "meniscus". This is the term used to describe the curved surface of a liquid in a tube or the cartilage in the knee joint. So, next time, remember to spell it with a "c" instead of an "s" to convey your message accurately.

List of suggestions on how to spell menisus correctly

  • census The government conducts a census every ten years to gather population and demographic data for planning and resource allocation purposes.
  • Mencius The philosopher Mencius said, "A good ruler is one who rules the people with love.
  • Menisci The menisci of the knee joint help to distribute weight and absorb shock.
  • meniscus I stepped on a meniscus.
  • menses During her menses, she experienced severe abdominal cramps and had to take pain relievers.
  • menus The restaurant owner asked the designer to create attractive menus that would tempt their customers to order more items.
  • monists Many philosophers are considered to be monists, believing that everything in the universe can be boiled down to one basic substance or principle.

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