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How to spell MENSLE correctly?

The correct spelling of "mensle" could be "menial", "menace", "mingle", "mental", "morsel" or "needle". It is important to carefully review the context of the misspelling to determine the most appropriate correction.

List of suggestions on how to spell mensle correctly

  • dense The forest was so dense with trees that sunlight could barely penetrate through the thick canopy.
  • ensue If she decides to confront him, an argument may ensue.
  • gentle The baby slept soundly in her mother's gentle embrace.
  • Hensley
  • mangle The accident was so severe that it mangled the car beyond recognition.
  • manse The large manse on the hilltop was the centerpiece of the town.
  • Mantle The mantle of responsibility fell upon his shoulders.
  • measles Measles is a highly contagious viral infection that spreads through the air when an infected person coughs or sneezes.
  • measly I worked hard for a full week and was disappointed to find that I had earned a measly $100.
  • meddle I never meddle in other people's personal affairs.
  • menace The presence of the large and angry dog was a real menace to the safety of the neighborhood.
  • menage The movie plot is based on the menage à trois relationship between the characters.
  • Mengele Mengele was a notorious Nazi officer who conducted gruesome human experiments during the Holocaust.
  • Mensa I have a friend who is a member of Mensa, the high IQ society.
  • mensch Josh is such a mensch; always willing to lend a hand when it's needed.
  • menses She tracks her menses on her phone app.
  • mentee I am excited to be a mentor and help guide my mentee through their journey.
  • Merle Merle is a type of pattern found on certain coats of dogs.
  • mettle Despite being an underdog in the competition, the athlete's mettle shone through as she pushed herself to the limit.
  • Meuse The Meuse River flows through the northeast region of France.
  • mingle At the networking event, I made sure to mingle with as many people as possible to expand my professional connections.
  • Pendle Pendle is a hill in Lancashire that is known for its association with witchcraft.
  • penile The penile implant surgery was a success and the patient was able to resume normal sexual activity.
  • senile The old man showed signs of being senile, frequently forgetting the names of his friends and family members.
  • sense She had a sense of unease as she walked through the deserted alley.
  • tense I can feel the tension rising as the deadline approaches, making everyone in the office seem tense.
  • tensile The tensile strength of the metal cable allowed it to support the weight of the heavy load.

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