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How to spell MENSUS correctly?

The correct spelling for "mensus" is most likely "menses" which refers to a woman's monthly period. However, other possible suggestions for the misspelling could include "mensis" which is a Latin term for month or "menus" which refers to a list of food options at a restaurant.

List of suggestions on how to spell mensus correctly

  • census The data collected in the census will be used to plan for future resources and services.
  • ensues
  • manses The wealthy couple owned not one, but two majestic manses overlooking the ocean.
  • Mencius The book Mencius contains teachings on ethics and morality for people in the Zhou Dynasty.
  • Mends She carefully mends the hole in her favorite sweater.
  • Menes Menes is considered to be the first pharaoh to unite Upper and Lower Egypt.
  • meniscus The meniscus of the test tube was used to accurately measure the volume of the liquid.
  • mensa I am a member of the Mensa society for high IQ individuals.
  • menses During her menses, she experiences severe cramps and mood swings.
  • menus Please choose from the menus on the right.
  • mesas The restaurant had wooden mesas with colorful tablecloths.
  • messes She always messes up her hair when she's nervous.
  • minus Her salary minus the expenses seemed pretty tight.
  • missus She handed me the missus' present.

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