How to spell MENUES correctly?

The correct spelling for "menues" is actually "menus". This common misspelling can be avoided by remembering to use only one "n" and one "u". Spellcheck tools can also help correct such errors.

List of suggestions on how to spell menues correctly

  • Genes My genes tell me that I should eat this cereal because it's good for me.
  • genus
  • Manes The majestic lion's golden manes flowed in the wind as he roamed his territory.
  • manses The wealthy banker owned several manses in different countries.
  • mantes She was wearing a mantes.
  • meanies The group of children in the playground called the bullies "meanies".
  • memes Memes have become a staple of internet culture, often shared and enjoyed by millions of people worldwide.
  • menaces I am very concerned about the menaces that this animal poses to public safety.
  • menages The wealthy couple maintained two menages, one in the city and a country estate.
  • Mends I am having a Tough Mends day.
  • Menes He was the son of King Menes of ancient Egypt.
  • menses My menses usually last for five days each month.
  • menu I will order from the dinner menu.
  • menus The menus at the restaurant were beautifully designed and easy to navigate.
  • METES Metes and bounds, as my grandmother would say.
  • MINES Mines have been known to cause disturbances in the earth's crust and can unleash radiation.
  • minuets She danced through the ballroom in a series of minuets.
  • minus I have five apples, minus one, which means I have four apples left.
  • minuses The minuses out weighed the pluses in their decision-making process.
  • minutes I will be with you in a few minutes.
  • monies The organization received large amounts of monies from donors.
  • moues Despite her words, her moues betrayed her true feelings about the situation.
  • venues She looked at the venues available.
  • venus Venus is often referred to as the "evening star" because of its brightness in the sky.

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