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How to spell MERAL correctly?

Possible correct suggestions for the misspelling "meral" could be "moral", "merle", "meryl" or "marle". It is important to ensure the correct spelling when communicating, especially in written communication as misspellings can cause confusion and misunderstandings.

List of suggestions on how to spell meral correctly

  • amoral
  • feral
  • Humeral The humeral head is the ball-shaped part of the upper arm bone that fits into the shoulder socket.
  • mara The mara is a herbivorous rodent species found in South America.
  • marl The vineyard's soil was rich in marl, providing the perfect conditions for growing grapes.
  • meal I am going to prepare a big meal for my family tonight.
  • mealy The apple I ate was very mealy and not very enjoyable.
  • medal She won a gold medal in the track and field event at the Olympics.
  • Mel Mel cooked a delicious meal for her family.
  • mere
  • merely I'm merely here to observe, not participate.
  • merle When the light shone on her black feathers, the blue-green merle pattern could be seen.
  • metal The handle was made from sturdy metal.
  • mewl The newborn kitten began to mewl softly, seeking its mother's attention.
  • mineral A mineral is a naturally occurring element, typically an earth- or rock-based material.
  • Mira
  • moral It is the moral duty of all people to help others.
  • morale Morale is very important in the military.
  • morals
  • morel I found a morel mushroom in the forest while mushroom hunting.
  • mural The mural on the wall is an interesting piece.
  • murals The murals at the museum are beautiful.
  • Myra Myra is going to attend the conference next week.
  • myrdal I have a package from my uncle which contains a box of Swedish myrdal chocolates.
  • numeral The numeral "I" represents the number one in the Roman numeral system.
  • real I want to meet the real you.

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