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How to spell MERALY correctly?

If you're trying to spell "merely", here are some helpful suggestions to avoid the misspelling "meraly". Double-checkting for errors, using online spell-check tools or slowing down while typing can minimize this mistake. Remember, "merely" means just or only, so don't settle for "meraly" - strive for accuracy!

List of suggestions on how to spell meraly correctly

  • feral The stray cat had been abandoned and had become feral.
  • meal I had a delicious meal at that new Italian restaurant last night.
  • mealy The mealy apple tasted dry and powdery.
  • meanly He acted meanly towards his coworkers, constantly criticizing them and never offering any positive feedback.
  • measly After working overtime, he received a measly bonus.
  • medal The athlete was thrilled to receive a gold medal for her outstanding performance.
  • merely He didn't steal the candy, he merely borrowed it for a while.
  • merle The merle coat pattern is characterized by irregularly shaped spots of various shades of gray, blue, and black.
  • merrily As we walked down the street, we could hear the children singing merrily.
  • merry May your Christmas be filled with lots of love, laughter, and merry moments.
  • metal The car's bumper was made of metal.
  • moral It is important to have a strong sense of moral values in order to live a fulfilling and ethical life.
  • morale The company's low profits affected the employees' morale.
  • morally
  • morals His morals prevented him from lying to his friend.
  • moray The moray eel slithered through the rocks in search of prey.
  • mural The mural on the wall depicts a scene from our town's history.
  • murals The street was decorated with vibrant murals that covered the brick walls from end to end.

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