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How to spell MEROBLAS correctly?

If you meant to type "meroblast", a correct suggestion for the misspelling could be "meroblastic". Meroblast refers to incomplete cleavage during cell division. Double-checking your spelling or using auto-correct tools can help avoid such errors.

List of suggestions on how to spell meroblas correctly

  • Aerobics I like to start my mornings with an aerobics class to get my heart pumping and boost my energy for the day.
  • Areolas The nurse explained the importance of regular breast examinations, including checking the color and texture of the areolas.
  • Corollas I saw a group of Corollas parked in a row at the dealership.
  • Herbals I prefer using herbals for treating minor ailments rather than relying on medication.
  • Jeroboam The waiter brought a large bottle of champagne, known as a Jeroboam, to the table for the celebration.
  • Jeroboams We bought several Jeroboams of champagne to celebrate our anniversary.
  • Marbles Timmy collected colorful marbles in a jar for his marble collection.
  • Medullas The medullas of their brains were studied extensively to understand their neurological conditions.
  • Merfolks Merfolks are mythical creatures that combine the attributes of humans and fish in various folklore and fantasy settings.
  • Miroslaw Miroslaw is a Polish name that is becoming increasingly popular around the world.
  • Neuroblast Neuroblast is a common precursor cell that gives rise to various types of neurons.
  • Pergolas The backyard was transformed with the addition of pergolas, providing a shaded area for dining and relaxation.
  • Petrobras Petrobras, a Brazilian state-owned energy company, has been the subject of a corruption scandal in recent years.
  • Robles Robles walked down the path, admiring the towering trees that surrounded her.
  • ROFLAS I couldn't help but start ROFLAS when my friend told the funniest joke I'd ever heard.
  • Verbals Verbals, such as gerunds and infinitives, can function as nouns in a sentence.

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