How to spell MERRE correctly?

If you find yourself typing "merre" by mistake, fear not! The word you may actually intend to type could be "mere". This five-letter term refers to a small, still body of water. So, remember to double-check your spelling and make sure to go for "mere" instead of "merre" next time.

List of suggestions on how to spell merre correctly

  • Ere Ere I go to bed, I brush my teeth.
  • err I made an err in my calculations, causing my experiment to fail.
  • mare The mare led her foal across the field.
  • Marie Marie is a French name commonly associated with elegance and sophistication.
  • marred The beautiful view was marred by the unsightly construction site.
  • marry
  • meagre Despite working long hours, he was only paid a meagre salary.
  • meir
  • mercer The mercer offered an impressive array of silk and velvet fabrics to her clients.
  • mere
  • merge The company decided to merge with their biggest competitor, hoping to increase their market share.
  • merger The merger between the two companies resulted in significant job cuts.
  • merle The merle coat of the Australian Shepherd is a unique and beautiful pattern.
  • merrier The merrier the party, the more we will enjoy it!
  • merry
  • metre
  • mire
  • moire She wore a moire dress that looked like it had been spun from silk thread.
  • moore There are various people with the last name Moore.
  • more

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