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How to spell MERTYR correctly?

The misspelling "mertyr" could potentially be resolved by suggesting the correct spelling "martyr". This correction aligns with the term used for a person who sacrifices themselves for a cause, usually with great courage and conviction. With this simple suggestion, the intended meaning can be conveyed accurately.

List of suggestions on how to spell mertyr correctly

  • Marty Marty is going to join us for dinner tonight.
  • martyr The man sacrificed his life fighting for the cause and became a martyr for the movement.
  • martyrs The church contains the remains of many Christian martyrs who died for their faith.
  • meaty The vegetarian was not interested in the menu item that included meaty ingredients.
  • merry
  • merton Merton was a renowned sociologist who contributed extensively to the study of social structure and deviance.
  • meter
  • mortar The mason used a mortar to apply cement to the bricks.

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