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How to spell MESCLUM correctly?

If you often find yourself misspelling "mesclum", fret not, as there are some correct alternatives you can use. The correct spelling of this term is "mesclun", referring to a salad mix. So, next time you want to write about this tasty dish, remember to use "mesclun" to avoid any misspellings.

List of suggestions on how to spell mesclum correctly

  • asylum The family sought asylum in a foreign country to escape persecution in their home country.
  • cecum The cecum is a pouch-like structure that connects the small and large intestines in mammals.
  • cesium Cesium is a highly reactive alkali metal on the periodic table.
  • ESCEM ESCEM stands for European School of Economics and Management
  • McCrum McCrum is a well-known journalist and author who has written extensively on the topic of language and its evolution.
  • medium The artist used a combination of acrylic paint and oil pastels to create a stunning piece on a medium-sized canvas.
  • megalux I need to replace the megalux lightbulb in my office because it's too bright and causing eye strain.
  • Mencius Mencius was a Chinese philosopher who emphasized the importance of moral cultivation and benevolent government.
  • mescal I ordered a refreshing mescal cocktail with a slice of lime at the trendy bar.
  • mescalin Mescalin is a hallucinogenic drug derived from a peyote cactus.
  • mescals Mescals are distilled alcoholic beverages made from the agave plant.
  • MeshLab MeshLab is a powerful open-source software used for processing and editing 3D triangular meshes.
  • mess-up I had a major mess-up at work and accidentally deleted an important file.
  • miscue The quarterback's miscue caused an interception by the opposing team.
  • muscle After months of working out, he finally started to see some definition in his biceps and triceps, showing off his newly built muscle.
  • muscled The bodybuilder displayed his heavily muscled physique on stage.
  • muscles After exercising for months, his muscles became noticeably stronger and more defined.
  • muscly He worked out every day and to maintain his muscly physique.
  • museum We spent the morning exploring the art museum and admiring the beautiful exhibits.
  • Muslim I have a neighbor who is a practicing Muslim and often invites me over to join in Ramadan celebrations.
  • rectum The rectum is the final part of the digestive system where waste is stored before it is eliminated from the body.
  • rescue The rescue team quickly deployed their boats to save the stranded passengers.
  • scrum The rugby team gathered around in a tight scrum to strategize their next move.
  • scum He treated his employees like scum, showing no respect or consideration for their well-being.
  • slum She grew up in a slum and experienced the hardships of poverty firsthand.
  • tectum The tectum is a region of the midbrain involved in visual and auditory processing.
  • vellum The artist used vellum as the canvas for their intricate calligraphy.
  • velum The velum is a thin membrane that separates the nasopharynx from the oropharynx in the human throat.

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