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How to spell METS correctly?

For the misspelling "mets", potential correct suggestions include "met", referring to the past tense of the verb "to meet", and "Meths", referring to the plural form of the term "meth" (short for methamphetamine). It is important to be mindful of spelling and context to avoid confusion or miscommunication.

List of suggestions on how to spell mets correctly

  • Bets He placed his bets on the horse race.
  • gets She always gets a good grade on her math tests.
  • jets The jets flew overhead at incredible speed.
  • let's
  • lets " Lets go out for dinner tonight.
  • Mats I need to replace the mats in my car because they are stained and worn out.
  • MEAS She shook her head. "I don't MEAS to understand.
  • Meats I am a vegetarian, so I don't eat meats.
  • meets The committee meets every Tuesday to discuss new business proposals.
  • MEGS I'm trying out for the Megs club.
  • melts The snowman slowly melts in the warm sunshine.
  • mess My room is such a mess that I can't even find my keys.
  • Met I met my best friend at summer camp when we were twelve years old.
  • Mete The store clerk will mete out the punishment to the shoplifter.
  • METES The surveyor was responsible for determining the metes and bounds of the property line.
  • mews The sound of the kitten's mews could be heard from across the room.
  • MOTS
  • nets The fishermen worked hard all day to haul in their nets full of fish.
  • Pets
  • sets
  • VETS The VETS clinic provides medical care to animals in need.
  • wets She always wets her brush before painting to ensure smooth strokes.

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