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How to spell METTING correctly?

If you've mistakenly typed "metting" instead of "meeting", fret not, as it is a common mistake. Here are some suggestions to rectify this error: "meeting", "mating", "matting", "muttering" or "netting". Double-check your spelling before submitting important documents to ensure clarity and professionalism.

List of suggestions on how to spell metting correctly

  • betting He lost all his money betting on the horse race.
  • getting I am getting tired of these long meetings.
  • jetting We were jetting off to the Caribbean for a much-needed vacation.
  • letting It was difficult letting go of her hand.
  • mating Researchers believe that mating is a key part of the mating ritual.
  • matting The matting on the floor was severely damaged.
  • meeting
  • melting The ice cream cone was slowly melting in the sun.
  • Meting The meting out of punishment by the judge was seen as too harsh by some.
  • Mooting She spent all night mooting her argument for the debate.
  • Muting
  • netting I put a netting around the tree to keep the birds from getting trapped.
  • petting The young couple enjoyed petting their new kitten.
  • setting The sun set in a beautiful setting.
  • vetting I am vetting candidates for the new position.
  • wetting She went outside in the rain, wetting her clothes and hair.

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