How to spell MIEKS correctly?

If you mistyped "mieks", there are a few possible correct suggestions. The word "mikes" is a plural noun referring to microphones. "Minks" refers to a small, semiaquatic mammal. "Mikes" is the most likely correction, but context is essential for accurate interpretation.

List of suggestions on how to spell mieks correctly

  • marks I got high marks on my math test.
  • MEAS
  • meek She was too meek to speak up for herself when her boss criticized her work.
  • MEGS I like soccer but I'm not very good at it, MEGS
  • mess
  • mews I love walking down the narrow mews with their beautiful and cozy houses.
  • MICS I need a new MICS.
  • miens The miens of the prisoner indicated his innocence.
  • mike Mike's guitar playing always impresses me.
  • Miles I walked six miles yesterday.
  • milks
  • mimes The two mimes performed a silent skit that had the audience in stitches.
  • MINES I went exploring in the mines.
  • minks John's minks were the talk of the party.
  • mires The mires were covered in ice.
  • miss
  • Mites Mites are commonly found on houseplants and can be harmful to the plant if left untreated.
  • mixers She turned on the mixers and began to blend the ingredients together.
  • mixes He mixes his coffee with cream and sugar every morning.
  • MKS MKs stands for Megalopolis Keys Shard.
  • MMES
  • mocks He mocks her laugh and it irritates her.
  • MURKS I'm not sure what kind of Murks he wassmoking, but it wasn't doing him any favors.
  • smirks He smirks every time he gets away with something dishonest.
  • umiaks The Inuit people used umiaks, large open boats made of seal skins, for hunting and transportation across the water.

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