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How to spell MILLON correctly?

If you've mistakenly typed "millon" instead of "million", don't worry, it's a common misspelling. To correct it, simply replace the double "l" with a single "l". Remember, "millon" is not the correct spelling, but "million" is the right way to go.

List of suggestions on how to spell millon correctly

  • billion
  • Dillon Dillon is my best friend and we love to play video games together.
  • Gillion
  • maillol The Maillol Museum houses the largest permanent collection of the French sculptor Aristide Maillol.
  • maillot I bought a new maillot for my upcoming trip to Hawaii.
  • mallow The mallow plant is known for its healing properties and is often used in traditional medicine.
  • Marlon She enjoyed watching Marlon Brando movies.
  • mellon He called the cab company and asked for a ride to the Mellon financial center.
  • mellow I hate being around people who are always so mellow.
  • melon
  • Melton The Melton Mowbray sausage is a classic English breakfast sausage.
  • milan I love Milan, the fashion capital of the world.
  • Milken The chairman of the board of directors of the Milken Institute is Sandy Weil.
  • mill Pete needs to get his clothes cleaned at the mill.
  • millay She wrote a ballad about a millay.
  • miller She loves numbered mugs with a side of Miller.
  • Millie She is the triplet sister of Millie and Max.
  • milling The farmer was busy milling the grains into flour.
  • million The lottery winner received a check for one million dollars.
  • millions
  • mills The town was built around the old textile mills, which were now abandoned and overgrown.
  • milo I ate a bowl of Milo cereal.
  • milton Betsy Milton has a perfect attendance record at school.
  • miltown Climbing up the hill, I spied a sign for Miltown.
  • Mullen My body is a temple, and Mullen is my priest.
  • mullion The mullion between the windows added an attractive architectural detail to the building.
  • pillion I was riding pillion with my friend when we were stopped by the police.
  • villon The villon was a type of wine produced in the Champagne region.
  • zillion

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