How to spell MINE correctly?

We think the word mine is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell mine correctly

  • dine Dine with me at eight, perhaps I can tell you then, but not to-night.
  • fine He is a very fine boy, I am told, and will make a fine man.
  • kine Ah nut-brown boys that tend the lowing kine, Ah blithesome plowmen whistling on the glebe, Ah merry mowers singing in the swaths, Sweet, simple souls, contented not to know, Wiser are ye and ye may teach the wise.
  • line Just a line that I am well and happy.
  • maine Then followed years of hard work and small pay, during which the greater part of his earnings went down to the large family in the Maine village.
  • mane In the middle of the sitting room, in a wheel chair that was draped with a moosehide tanned with the hair on it, she beheld an old man with a fleece of white mane and beard.
  • mien They seemed nor sad nor joyous in their mien.
  • mike Halfway towards the river bank, Mike halted.
  • mile So we decided on Margaret's, a quarter-mile down the draw.
  • milne This phenomenon of minute parasitic male fertilisers in connection with normally developed females was noticed by Darwin, and his observations have been confirmed by Van Beneden, by Huxley, Haeckel, Milne Edwards, Fabre, Patrick Geddes, and many other eminent entomologists.
  • mime David Bowie, who used to rehearse (and perform mime) at the Drury Lane Arts Lab, co-founded a Beckenham Arts Lab, which organised a one-day free festival, but was disillusioned by the lack of interest of other performers/artists taking an active role in the continuation of the centre.
  • min Fred had so greatly distinguished himself in a series of fights upon the river Min that he had been offered his choice between the Cross of the Legion of Honor or promotion.
  • mince If truth I speak not, may the high Fo-hi Make mince-meat of me for his sacred pie.
  • mind In accordance with this conception of my functions, I always held the news idea in mind.
  • mine 3. "And is mine one?"
  • mined Besides, asteroid metals were cheaper than metals mined on Earth.
  • miner On drawing nearer, this was discovered to be a miner, whose candle was at some little distance, and only shone on him partially.
  • ming Although from Boston, Ellesworth was not familiar with the Ming dynasty, but he bowed and feebly ejaculated,-
  • mini Cyborg -004 - A mini story arc in the 2001 anime, this cyborg is a duplicate of 004 and can predict all of 004s moves.
  • mink On land he could not do this at the lair of the otter; for the smell of the man-touch would be left on his trail, and the otter, keener of scent and fear than the mink, would take alarm.
  • mint Long it seemed to him since he had felt glad and weary as he felt now, and since the woodland air with its odours of pine and mint and wild garlic had tasted so sweet in his mouth; and truly it was longer than he knew.
  • minx She ain't my Muckluck, and I don't believe she's a minx, not a little bit.
  • mire He had spent the greater part of his strength in the fight; the wallowing in the soft mire had exhausted him; he had a burning, raging pain in his shoulder caused by the bullet fired by his human enemy, while the pain in his poor, blinded eyes and his sensitive nose took nearly all his remaining strength.
  • mite "I shouldn't wonder a mite," said Mr Snow.
  • nine Till I was nearly nine years old I was exceedingly fond of dolls, of which I had several of different degrees of ugliness.
  • pine Shortly after sunset twilight fell, and it was night when I reached the first pine-trees.
  • sine March 28, 1831. Reasons why the Duke resigned Office in November, 1830. It is quite true, that when the late Government brought forward the Catholic question, they were supported by many noble Lords who were usually opposed to the Government; but it is not correct that the disfranchisement of the forty-shilling freeholders was made a sine qua non to ensure the support of the noble Lords to the Relief Bill.
  • tine In several places, also, the perfume was agreeably mingled with the tine odor of vanilla, although they could not discover what tree exhaled it.
  • vine When the ship reached the open roadstead of Port Harford, and she again landed on the shores of her native California, she went to her former home-a vine-clad cottage in San Louis Obispo.
  • wine It went to her head like wine.
  • Mice We've found the lost white mice from the boys' circus!
  • MINN 26. SE. Minn., common S. R., May 3-Sept.
  • CINE In 1998 Dotson received the CINE Golden Eagle for Best Television Series – Bob Dotsons American Story.
  • MINES I remember one time they was home, arter being away pretty near a year, and when they was paid off they felt like walking gold-mines.
  • zine Internet censorship in Tunisia significantly decreased in January 2011, following the ouster of President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, as the new acting government: proclaimed complete freedom of information and expression as a fundamental principle, abolished the information ministry, and removed filters on social networking sites such as Facebook and YouTube.

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