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How to spell MINETE correctly?

If you meant "minute", try writing a sentence using that word instead. If the intended word was "minette", it means a female cat, and you may need to clarify in what context you are referring to one. It's also possible that "minete" is a misspelling of a different word entirely, so double-check the spelling and context of your sentence.

List of suggestions on how to spell minete correctly

  • manet She brought a manet painting with her.
  • Mete The teacher will mete out punishment if the students misbehave.
  • mine The mine is my favorite place to go.
  • mined
  • miner The miner uncovered a large vein of gold deep within the mountain.
  • Minot
  • minster I visited the historic minster in York and was overwhelmed by its beauty and grandeur.
  • mint
  • Minted This cake is minted with peppermint extract.
  • minter Trent calls Rachel a minter, because she spends so much time in the mines outside of town.
  • mints I always keep a tin of mints in my handbag to freshen my breath after meals.
  • Minty I had the minty flavored ice cream.
  • minuet During the reception, they performed a beautiful minuet that left everyone impressed.
  • minuets The minuets were performed by the court orchestra.
  • minute
  • minuted I was going to take the MINuted to the train, but then I realized I only had 10 minutes left.
  • minuter I need to file my taxes for this year, but I'm not sure if I should pay the minuter or do it
  • minutes We went over the minutes from the meeting yesterday.
  • mite The mite is a small creature that lives on wood.
  • monet
  • monte

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