How to spell MINHA correctly?

We think the word minha is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell minha correctly

  • main Then his friend ran hurriedly over the main points of his story.
  • maine Fortunately or unfortunately, there is some difficulty in deciding which, Maine applied at this time for admission, and the South in the Senate refused to admit Maine unless the North would admit Missouri, and out of the situation rose the Missouri Compromise.
  • mainer I'm the mainer in charge of the kitchen.
  • man
  • mane
  • mania
  • manila
  • mann He's taller than me, but he's not as mannish as you.
  • manna Manna is a type of food that is given to the Israelites in the desert.
  • manta The manta ray is a creatures found in the open ocean.
  • many Many people like strawberry ice cream.
  • men
  • mensa She chose the most senior look-alike to be her replacement.
  • menu
  • mien She had a mien of serenity.
  • min
  • mince I don't want to mince my words - I want to communicate clearly!
  • mind
  • mine
  • mined
  • miner The miner's helmet protected him from the dust and the gas.
  • minerva After the battle, Minerva found verses of Homer that were overlooked before in the rubble.
  • ming I'm going to get a cup of ming tea.
  • mingy
  • mini I have a mini bike.
  • minibar I need food, drinks, and snacks, what sort of minibar have you got?
  • minim The weather is forecast to be minimally below freezing.
  • mink
  • minnow My mom has a minnow named Freddy.
  • minoan During excavation at the Minoan site of Thera, archaeologists uncovered objects that appear to date back to the Minoan period.
  • minor The minor in accounting is required for all students in the program.
  • minos The Minotaur was forced to kill one of The Olympian's seven daughters in order to gain entrance to the palace.
  • mint I love the smell of mint in the springtime.
  • minus My total minus the cost of the new toy is $10.
  • minutia I'd kill for a diamond the size of a grain of sand, but the tiny details wouldnt be worth the
  • mn After breakfast, I took my dog for a walk.
  • mon I would like to buy a monkeyny please.
  • mona
  • mono I prefer to listen to mono music.
  • month
  • munch
  • myna John's myna kept him company as he worked in his garden.
  • nh He is from Vietnam and he has a very strong accent.
  • Mains I plugged in the power cable to the mains.
  • Moho I avoided touching the Moho, fearing it would leave me a Moho skinned freak.
  • Mun I munched on a munchie while watching TV.
  • Mindy
  • Minnie
  • Monica
  • Minty I smell like a minty fresh toothbrush!
  • Mani I always bring my Mani with me when I go out.
  • mynas I have a myna at my birdfeeder.
  • MINN
  • MINES He searched the mines for treasure.
  • YMHA My YMHA membership pays for my gym membership, babysitting, and other youth activities.
  • miens A mien is the outward expression of a person's feelings.
  • Minis I have a set of Minis that I use to play with.
  • Minot
  • Singh He is the Singh of the family.

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