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How to spell MINITARY correctly?

If you find yourself misspelling "minitary", fret not! The correct spelling of the word is "military". A simple tip to remember is that it starts with "m-i-l-i" and ends with "t-a-r-y". So, the next time you come across this word, ensure you write it correctly as "military."

List of suggestions on how to spell minitary correctly

  • military The military is responsible for protecting our country's national interests.
  • minatory The boss's minatory tone made everyone feel uneasy.
  • ministry The pastor has served in ministry at the church for over twenty years.
  • monetary The company is experiencing financial difficulties due to a lack of monetary resources.
  • monitory The teacher's monitory tone warned the students to follow the classroom rules.
  • sanitary It is important to maintain proper sanitary conditions in any food service establishment to prevent the spread of germs and disease.
  • unitary The unitary system of governance in the United Kingdom gives all powers to the central government.

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