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How to spell MINIZE correctly?

If you've been typing "minize" when you actually meant "minimize", fear not! Here are a few proper alternatives: "reduce", "diminish" or "scale down". Keeping an eye on automatic spell checkers can also save you from future spelling mishaps. Remember, precision in spelling guarantees clear communication!

List of suggestions on how to spell minize correctly

  • feminize Some people argue that efforts to feminize boys could be damaging to their development.
  • ionize High-energy radiation can ionize atoms and molecules in the air.
  • lionize Although he had only served as a mayor for a short period, the community chose to lionize him for his tireless work to improve the city.
  • maize In Iowa, farmers grow maize to feed cows and pigs.
  • mince I'll mince the garlic and add it to the frying pan.
  • mine The mine collapsed, trapping several workers inside.
  • mingle I'm going to try to mingle with the other guests.
  • mini
  • minim The note on the musical score was a minim.
  • minimize We need to minimize our expenses in order to maximize our savings.
  • minims I always pack my minims in my bag when I go on vacation.
  • mining Mining companies continue to work towards improving safety standards for their workers.
  • minion The minion followed the instructions without question.
  • Minis I love buying minis of my favorite skincare products for travel purposes.
  • Minnie Minnie is a character from the Disney franchise.
  • minute I need to fill out a minute questionnaire before we can start.

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