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How to spell MINTEN correctly?

If you're looking for the correct spelling of "minten", you may have made a minor mistake. The word you may be searching for is "mitten". A mitten is a type of handwear that covers the entire hand, leaving the thumb separate. Double-check your spelling, and you'll find the correct word you're looking for.

List of suggestions on how to spell minten correctly

  • intern I will be working as an intern for a marketing firm this summer.
  • marten The marten is a small carnivorous mammal found in the forests of Eurasia and North America.
  • midden I discovered a midden near the river.
  • minder She hired a minder to look after her children on the weekends.
  • mined The workers mined the mountain for precious minerals.
  • minion
  • minoan The Minoan civilization is one of the oldest known empires in the world.
  • mint I always keep a pot of mint tea on hand to refresh myself.
  • Minted This sugar bowl is minted in Mexico.
  • minter The minter carefully examined each coin for any imperfections.
  • minters The minters are in the process of printing new currency.
  • Minting The government agency responsible for minting coins announced new designs for next year.
  • mints I usually carry mints with me to freshen my breath after eating.
  • Minty Kevin brought a minty New York Iced Tea to the party.
  • minuend In mathematics, a minuend is a subunit of a compound number.
  • minuet At the ball, the dancers gracefully moved through the minuet.
  • minute I can't stay for lunch, I have a minute
  • minuted
  • minuter She was wearing a minuter.
  • minutes She watched the minutes tick by on the clock.
  • mitten
  • moisten I needed to moisten the dry soil before planting the seeds.
  • monte I bought a monte at the casino.

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