How to spell MINTHS correctly?

Possible correct suggestions for the misspelling "minths" include the words "months", "mints", "mines", and "minds". However, the most appropriate correction would be "months", which refers to one-twelfth of a year and is a commonly used term in English language.

List of suggestions on how to spell minths correctly

  • maths I find Maths difficult.
  • minds Our minds are capable of incredible things, from solving complex equations to creating beautiful works of art.
  • MINERS The miners had been underground for hours and were grateful to finally see the light of day.
  • MINES The mines in that region have been closed for years due to safety concerns.
  • Minis After my little sister dug through her toy box, she found all the minis she's lost over the years.
  • minks Minks are valued for their fur, which is used for clothing and other luxury items.
  • minors Under the age of eighteen, minors are considered hold harmless for any damages caused by their actions.
  • minos
  • minters The minters are needed to make the ink for the printing presses.
  • mints My grandmother always had a bowl of mints on the coffee table.
  • minus My bank account is on a minus right now due to unexpected expenses.
  • minutes I was only a few minutes late for the meeting.
  • month I'll be home in a month.
  • months
  • Moths I always have to put a mothRAIN SPRAY in my closet to keep the moths away.
  • Mouths I love kissing mouths.
  • myths

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