Correct spelling for MINUTURE

We think the word minuture is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for minuture

  • Miniature
  • Mcintyre
  • Minotaur
  • Manure
  • In england, long leases for twenty-one years, or three lives, to wit, that of the farmer, his wife, and son, renewed by the son as soon as he comes to the possession, for his own life, his wife's, and eldest child's, and so on, render the farms there almost hereditary, make it worth the farmer's while to manure the lands highly, and give the landlord an opportunity of occasionally making his rent keep pace with the improved state of the lands.

  • Minuter
  • Mature
  • 6. in the electra, which, though much earlier than the philoctetes, is still a work of his mature genius, our poet appears at first sight to be in unequal competition with aeschylus.

  • Actifying
  • Minutes
  • Minuted
  • Miniatures
  • Nature
  • Minatory
  • Mitre
  • Nurture
  • Minter
  • Minute

222 words made from the letters minuture

4 letter words made from minuture:

nrem, itum, menu, erni, etim, true, emir, mite, rein, nemr, mein, reit, numi, emit, treu, rune, irun, numt, enim, timu, mire, tern, renu, murn, rieu, reti, uren, meir, muru, mien, reni, tune, rite, neum, mine, rime, rent, time, unit, nuur, uner, unti, ture, turu, uitm, munt, temu, muen, inme, tuin, umri, tumi, temi, nute, rimu, ruin, tuni, murt, metn, turn, unie, utri, item, tier, umur, trim, muir, tire, tine, etui, ruen, iten, tumu, miur, riem, muti, trei, eriu, tuen, mutu, umit, tuur, urie, mute, iure, rute, enur, tuer, nuit, umut, runt, reum, tieu, emin, urmi, utne, nuer, term, mint.

3 letter words made from minuture:

urn, ert, utu, trm, nmr, tie, emu, mei, mri, ent, mut, nim, tri, tiu, uni, rum, ret, tun, rut, ern, ire, men, ten, rue, rem, ute, tin, rit, rim, min, nut, nit, net, run, tum, mit, ter.

5 letter words made from minuture:

mitre, nimer, metin, uteri, muren, murut, eumir, rumen, muter, neumi, eurim, nimet, miter, merin, turie, tumen, tiner, terni, timur, uturn, retin, mutun, mutur, neuri, miert, tuner, untre, urumi, unmet, mtier, tenri, unite, tinue, turin, tumin, runet, runte, tueni, nitre, tenmu, inure, nurme, nutri, unrue, temir, turim, timer, turun, menti, trine, turei, muine, unter, urine, nurmi, urent, muite, miret, murti, turme, untie, urein, trium, treni, inmet, inter, ntumi, niter, retun, miner, unium, temur, trieu, remit, temin, murie, tenir, retum, inert, ruine, terim, munte, turnu, merit, muntu, nuter.