Correct spelling for MIRROT

We think the word mirrot is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for mirrot

  • carrot It's only carrot tops instead of carrot roots-and some likes one, some the other-ha!
  • marat "Come, little man," cried he, "I will raise you up on my shoulder, and, but see, it is our friend Marat, the little man, but the great doctor!"
  • marmot You're a marmot, you know.
  • marred And supposing that they have never, never had a single dispute, and not a ripple has ever marred the placid surface of their matrimonial sea, I believe that a small family jar-or at least a real lively argument-will do them good.
  • marrow But the herd was a staunch Marrow man.
  • marry Everything'd be all right if you'd only marry me."
  • mart "Because," Van Diemen continued his speech, "you trapped us into that engagement, Mart.
  • merit But there is no merit in that!
  • merlot While the "Bordeaux blend" of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet franc and Merlot created the earliest examples of acclaimed Cabernet Sauvignon wine, Cabernet Sauvignon was first blended in Bordeaux with Syrah, a pairing that is widely seen in Australia and some vin de pays wines from the Languedoc.
  • merry What a merry dinner it was!
  • metro Over many decades a significant proportion of the water-supply of the Buenos Aires Metro Area (BAMA) was obtained from three major groundwater reservoirs found at different depths, quantities and qualities.
  • might I trembled to think over what might have happened.
  • migrate If work fails him altogether, he has not the means of moving to another field of employment; he is fixed to his parish like a limpet to its rock, and can neither migrate nor emigrate.
  • milt Mrs Milt uttered a sigh.
  • minaret Already they could see the minaret of the mosque, high above the mean village which clustered round it, rising as a flame rises against a windless sky, while beneath this shining Giralda lay half-ruined houses rejuvenated with whitewash or coats of vivid blue.
  • mint All highways jingle with metallic Priest-tackle, beaten broad; sent to the Convention, to the poverty-stricken Mint.
  • mire Perhaps it was a lover's despair that had precipitated him into the mire of politics.
  • mired When Vergilius came to his capital the king was mired on the very edge of the great mystery.
  • miro Bruce Pandolfini Solitaire Chess Susan Polgar Opening Secrets Miro Radojcic Observation Point Samuel Reshevsky The Art of Positional Play Michael Rohde (1991–2006) Game of the Month Jennifer Shahade Andy Soltis Chess to Enjoy László Szabó (1970s) Games from Recent Events
  • mirror Somehow I didn't enjoy dressing to-night for my dinner, and when I was ready I stood before the mirror and looked at myself a long time.
  • mirrored His frightened expression was mirrored on the rest of the countenances in the candle-lit circle, as a strange sound was borne to the ears of the Boy Scouts.
  • miry It was near high-water when they left the car at the end of a miry road and struggled across a common to the beach.
  • mist Yonder, through the gentle mist, are the Scarlet Hills.
  • mit Zen ce put her hand on my head, and ce kiss me,-much times ce kiss me; and ce say dot ce die, and ce go im Himmel mit ze baby.
  • mitre All are there, two-and-two-from the youngest deacon to the oldest canon-in his robe of purple silk edged with gold-wearing a white mitre.
  • mitt Following this testimony, Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney waged an extended and ultimately successful effort to get Senator Bulger to resign from the presidency of the University of Massachusetts; Bulger resigned in August 2003.
  • moot The town-moot was a primary assembly of the freemen of the village, by which, under the presidency of a reeve, the affairs of the township were administered.
  • morrow Is it to-morrow that we go?
  • mot Sa physionomie ne vous ment pas d'un mot.
  • murrow
  • parrot
  • pierrot
  • riot
  • root
  • rot
  • trot
  • Mira "Atque ubi sol pepulit fulgentis lumina portae, Et primi emicuit luminis aura levis, Incipit illa sacri modulamina fundere cantus, Et mira lucem voce ciere novam" (Lactantius).
  • Moro But it was not the sight of Moro that caused me to start with astonishment; it was at seeing another well-remembered animal-another horse.
  • Mort Daudet's story of his childhood in "Le Pape est mort."
  • Mario The weather was magnificent, and while papa, Gordon, and Mario went hunting, Joseph, Alix, and we two walked on the bank.
  • Merritt "I only wish you could suggest something," said Mr. Harkness in a weary tone, that made Merritt ashamed of his querulous speech.
  • Mauro In S. Nazzaro, a seat of Black Friars at Verona, he painted many works in fresco near those of his master Francesco; but these were all thrown to the ground when that church was rebuilt by the pious munificence of the reverend Father, Don Mauro Lonichi, a nobleman of Verona and Abbot of that Monastery.
  • Margret But in spite of everything old Margret cares most for her great big boy, and he will come back to the fold when it's stormy weather.
  • mirrors There was no sound, no movement, no sign of any one, and Warrington looked in the mirrors keenly while he pretended to be interested in his little mustache.
  • MURAT One day, while Leopold yet lay on his cot, forbidden to stir, and feeling very lonely and homesick, the dreary hospital was illuminated by the entrance of General Murat, accompanied by his beautiful young wife, who was a sister of General Bonaparte.
  • Marriott She walked over the moors and along the top of the Kinderscout with Mr. Marriott as her guide, and thus obtained the knowledge for the most perfect description of pastoral life to be found in any of her novels.
  • Minot We learn that Mr. Doane is to run the post at Moultrie, while his partner, Mr. Minot, will operate an opposition store to the Company at Fort Enterprise.

37 words made from the letters mirrot

3 letter words made from mirrot:

mit, rio, mri, tom, imo, orr, trm, rim, tri, rot, rom, tor, mot, rit.

4 letter words made from mirrot:

5 letter words made from mirrot:

mirto, mitro, mirro, ritmo, romir, morir, timor.

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