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How to spell MIUTES correctly?

If you've misspelled "miutes" instead of "minutes", fret not! It's a common mistake. To rectify it, consider using the spell-check feature to correct the error automatically. Alternatively, you could try phonetically sounding out the correct spelling or double-checking a dictionary. Remember, we all make mistakes; it's how we learn and grow.

List of suggestions on how to spell miutes correctly

  • mates John and Tom have been best mates since childhood.
  • mattes She preferred to display her artwork in simple black frames with white mattes.
  • METES The metes and bounds of this land are directly delineated on the maps provided.
  • milts I had never tasted milts before, but I was curious to try it.
  • minters The minters are a group of medieval monks who transcribed the scriptures.
  • mints She bought a box of mints to celebrate.
  • minutes
  • mister
  • misters These misters need a haircut.
  • mists The mists of the early morning made it impossible to see more than a few feet in front of us.
  • mite A mite is a tiny arachnid that is almost impossible to see without a magnifying glass.
  • miter The miter is an angle that cuts a roof into two equal parts.
  • Mites All of my furniture is covered in mites.
  • mittens I need some mittens.
  • MITTS MITTS hired to clean up the oil spill.
  • MOTES Tiny motes of dust floated through the sunbeam shining in through the window.
  • moues She made exaggerated moues at her reflection in the mirror.
  • mute I can't believe that he would just mute me without any explanation.
  • mutes The singer's remarkable voice was heard, yet the pianist's mutes were missing.
  • MUTTS My local animal shelter is filled with adorable mutts looking for new homes.
  • smites The mighty sword of the hero smites the evil dragon.
  • Utes The Utes are a Native American tribe originally from the Great Basin region of the United States.

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