How to spell MMOL correctly?

We think the word mmol is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell mmol correctly

  • AOL
  • BIOL The study of biology is one of the most important fields of study in the world.
  • col
  • cool The water in the ocean felt cool on my hot skin.
  • Emil My mom used to say that Emil loved to eat peanut butter and banana sandwiches.
  • FOL Folks in Florida are really into Florida Gators.
  • fool
  • mail
  • mall
  • mao After the battle, Mao chronicled her victories for the people.
  • marl I accidentally spilled my coffee on my marl shirt.
  • maul The bear attempted to maul the hunter, but fortunately he had a gun to defend himself.
  • meal I'm going to have a meal before I go to bed.
  • Mel My niece is very Mel.
  • memo I will need a memo to sign for the delivery.
  • meow
  • mewl The kitten began to mewl loudly when she was separated from her mother.
  • mil The soldier was awarded a medal for serving in the mil itary.
  • mill
  • ml I need to measure precisely 5 ml of medicine.
  • MME My French professor prefers to be addressed as MME instead of Mrs.
  • MMES
  • mo I cannot believe that he got away with murder.
  • mob The mob gathered outside of the courthouse to protest the verdict.
  • mod I installed a mod in my video game to add new characters.
  • Moe Moe is a fictional character in the anime series "The Simpsons".
  • MOI My child is allergic to milk, so I give her almond milk instead.
  • moil He was in a deep moil of stress and confusion.
  • mold Can you please get rid of the mold on the wall?
  • mole I saw a mole burrowing in the garden.
  • moll The moll was housed in a small tank and well cared for by its owner.
  • molt
  • mom My mom is the most loving and caring person I know.
  • mon I have a mon in my office.
  • moo The cow let out a loud moo as she was being milked.
  • mood She woke up in a bad mood, and nothing seemed to make her feel better.
  • MOOG In 1982, Moog released the Moogulator, a synthesizer that allowed users to create electronic music.
  • moon I gazed up at the full moon and felt a mix of emotions.
  • moor On dark and stormy nights, the eerie moor sends a chill down my spine.
  • moos The cow moos loudly in the field.
  • moot The moot court session was adjourned until later.
  • mop
  • Mos Emmet and Ramona went to the Marketplace to buy groceries, but they ran out of Mosquitoes!
  • mot He spoke about his family and the motley group of misfits that make up his life.
  • mow I need to mow the lawn before the neighbors start complaining.
  • mull I need some time to mull over your offer before I make a decision.
  • pol The pol was arrested for corruption charges.
  • pool The pool is really pretty.
  • sol El sol es una estrella que se encuentra en el centro del sistema solar.
  • tool The hammer is a useful tool for building.
  • viol She is able to play classical music on her viol.
  • VOL
  • wool I bought a sweater made of wool to keep me warm in the winter.
  • XML The XML specification is a popular format for exchanging data between applications.

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