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How to spell MODED correctly?

If you happen to misspell "moded", fear not! Here are some proper alternatives for you: "mode" or "model". These suggestions are accurate replacements, depending on the context. So, whether you're referring to a fashion trend or a statistical model, these corrected spellings will save the day!

List of suggestions on how to spell moded correctly

  • Boded
  • CODED The email was coded to ensure secure delivery of the sensitive information.
  • domed
  • emoted This is a very emoted film.
  • made
  • mated The two birds mated and produced offspring.
  • med I always bring my med kit whenever I travel.
  • meed I worked very hard and deserved my meed of recognition.
  • Melded The two embryos had melded together during their fusion.
  • Mended After his accident, he spent several weeks in the hospital, but eventually he mended and was able to go home.
  • Meted John meted out punishment to his children for misbehaving.
  • minded She was open-minded and willing to try new things.
  • moated
  • mod My phone is a little mod.
  • mode I'm in a hurry, can we talk in mode or Skype?
  • model She aspired to be a fashion model when she grew up.
  • modeled She modeled the dress that she was going to wear for the big event.
  • modem The new modem provides faster internet speeds for streaming and online gaming.
  • modes The modes of transportation are the options available to you.
  • modest Despite her impressive achievements, she remained modest and humble throughout her career.
  • MOET John loves Moet & Chandon champagne.
  • molded He had a set of custom molded earplugs made for the concert.
  • Molted In the morning, the house was quiet,save for the hiss of the Molted radiator coming to life.
  • mood Having a good mood is important to maintain.
  • Mooed Mycow mooed when I came near it.
  • Mooted The idea of changing the company's logo has been mooted for months, but no concrete plans have been made yet.
  • moped She rode her moped to work every day.
  • mote She brushed a mote of dust off her shirt as she stood up.
  • motet The choir rehearsed the intricate harmonies of the motet for weeks before their performance.
  • Moulded The moulded wood desk was a great addition to the office.
  • Mounded The mounded formation in the foreground is a natural formation known as an acropolis.
  • moved Due to the rain, the flowers in the garden were moved to the garage.
  • mowed
  • muted Lena was trying to get the music turned up, but it was difficult because the muted conversation was still audible.
  • todd Todd is my neighbor's name.
  • toed This toed the line.

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