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How to spell MODER correctly?

If you're unsure about the correct spelling of "moder", consider these suggestions. It could be "moder" if you meant a Scandinavian term for "mother", but if you intended to say "moder", it should actually be "molder", meaning to decay or decompose over time. Always double-check your spelling for clarity.

List of suggestions on how to spell moder correctly

  • coder
  • doer The doer of the crime was caught red-handed.
  • madder I can't help but feel madder every time I think about the way he treated me.
  • made
  • mater The mater of the ship was responsible for the safety of all the crew on board.
  • medea Medea plotted revenge against her husband, Jason, after he betrayed her.
  • mender The mender was able to fix the tear in my jacket.
  • meter The meter is a unit of measurement for length in the metric system.
  • milder The winter weather this year was milder than usual.
  • minder I need to keep my minder occupied.
  • miter No miter saws are used in the construction of this type of saw blade.
  • mod You can't mod this game.
  • mode The mode of the Moon's orbit is an ellipse.
  • model The model showed off her new outfit for the fashion show.
  • modeler As a modeler, he was able to create incredibly intricate designs that amazed his clients.
  • modem My computer is on the modem so I can't do anything on it.
  • modern Some people believe that modern technology is ruining our ability to connect with each other.
  • modes Wolfing down my ice cream in modes of happiness was an amazing experience.
  • mods I almost broke my computer when I tried to install mods.
  • Moe Moe is a niceguy who is always down for a good time.
  • MOET
  • molder The old books were left to molder in the damp basement.
  • moldier
  • molter A molter is a machine that scoops eggs out of the egg carton.
  • Mooed I mooed in the barn.
  • moor The heathered moor was spotted with grazing sheep.
  • moper
  • more
  • mote The light from the moon caused a mote of light to shine on the dock.
  • motor
  • moue She made a moue of disappointment when she realized she had forgotten her phone at home.
  • moulder The old wooden furniture began to moulder after years of neglect.
  • mover The mover came to my house to transport my furniture to my new apartment.
  • mower I need to borrow your mower, it's been giving me a lot of trouble.
  • odder The odder of the two siblings always had a strange sense of humor.
  • ode
  • oder I cannot believe that you would choose oder over me.
  • order We are waiting for your order.

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