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How to spell MODING correctly?

If you've come across the misspelling "moding", you might have been looking for "modeling", "modding" or "molding". Each of these words could be the correct suggestion, depending on the context. If you're unsure, try Googling the different options and selecting the one that best fits the intended meaning.

List of suggestions on how to spell moding correctly

  • boding
  • Codding I'm going to Codding for milk.
  • coding My grandmother is a coding genius.
  • Cording The tailor finished the dress by cording the edges with gold thread.
  • ding I heard a ding from my phone when I received a new email.
  • Doing
  • doming I am looking for my dog, Doming.
  • emoting She was emoting a lot during the speech.
  • fording The river was deep, but we managed to cross it by fording carefully.
  • goading The bully started goading his victim, trying to provoke a reaction.
  • Hooding The hooding was tight and it itched.
  • hording The man was hording food and water in his basement in case of an emergency.
  • loading The loading dock is full of boxes destined for the warehouse.
  • Lording The ruthless king was always lording over his subjects.
  • Madding The madding crowd in the busy city can be overwhelming at times.
  • mating Groups of males and females of many different species engage in mating displays to attract mates.
  • medina The Medina is a historic district in the city of Medina, in the province of Seville, in southern Spain.
  • Melding The melding of cultures created a unique and diverse community.
  • mending
  • meowing The sound of cats meowing outside woke me up early in the morning.
  • Meting The meting of the company's profits determined the amount of bonuses that would be given to the employees.
  • Minding Minding your own business is sometimes the best way to avoid unnecessary problems.
  • ming Ming isn't that great a singer.
  • moaning I was moaning in pain as the ambulance drove away.
  • Mobbing I was the victim of mobbing at my last job.
  • mocking The group of teenagers were mocking the new kid's clothes.
  • modeling She was interested in modeling because of the glamour and excitement it brought.
  • Moiling The workers were moiling in the fields to gather the last of the harvest before the storm arrived.
  • molding He carved the intricate design into the molding by hand.
  • molting The dragon was molting and its scales were a bright green.
  • Mooing The sound of cows mooing in the distance created a peaceful ambiance in the countryside.
  • Mooning
  • mooring The captain struggled to secure the mooring lines in the strong winds.
  • Mooting I am considering mooting a plan to improve the company's performance to the board of directors.
  • Moping After losing the game, he spent the whole day moping around the house.
  • mopping I was mopping the floor when the doorbell rang.
  • Morin Igor Morin is a popular Canadian comedian.
  • morning I woke up early for my morning surgery.
  • moulding He can do the moulding of the statue very well.
  • Mounding The gardener spent all day mounding soil around the bases of the tomato plants.
  • Mousing I'm mousing around on the internet to kill some time.
  • moving We plan on moving to a new house next month.
  • Mowing Mowing the lawn is my least favorite chore.
  • Muting I am muting my microphone to avoid disrupting the meeting.
  • nodding The old man was nodding off in his chair while watching TV.
  • odin
  • Podding
  • rodin Rodin sculpted some of the most iconic and iconic pieces of art the world has ever seen.
  • sodding I can't believe that sodding cup of coffee spilled on my white shirt.
  • Toeing Toeing the line between work and personal life can be a difficult balancing act.
  • voiding The doctor instructed the patient to avoid voiding before the ultrasound.
  • Wooding
  • wording The wording in that email could have been more professional.

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