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How to spell MODIS correctly?

If you misspelled "modis", there are a few possible correct suggestions depending on the intended word. One option could be "modes", referring to different forms or options. Another possibility could be "modish", meaning fashionable or stylish. Lastly, "modest" could be correct, indicating humility or simplicity.

List of suggestions on how to spell modis correctly

  • Mads The Mads lived in a house on the moors.
  • MEDIAS " Medias" is the plural form of "media", as in "The internet has become a dominant form of media in today's society.
  • midas King Midas was granted the power to turn everything he touched into gold.
  • midis I downloaded some midis to use as background music for my video game.
  • moats The medieval castle was surrounded by deep and wide moats to protect it from invaders.
  • modes The modes of the octave are minor, major, and augmented.
  • modish She always wears the most modish clothes, setting the trend for her fashionable friends.
  • mods I'm going to install my mods today.
  • Moods My moods change frequently, and I struggle to keep them under control.
  • MOTES I always feel like my house is filled with motes.
  • MOTS
  • Odis

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