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How to spell MODIST correctly?

If you've come across the misspelling "modist", fear not! The correct terms you may be aiming for could be "modest" or "modiste". "Modest" refers to a humble or moderate nature, while a "modiste" is a dressmaker or fashion designer. So, choose wisely depending on your intended meaning!

List of suggestions on how to spell modist correctly

  • DIST I can't see anything, everything is just a dist in front of my eyes.
  • maoist The government's crackdown on Maoist rebels has sparked controversy and concern among human rights activists.
  • midis I love playing the guitar, but I don't have enough time to practice my midis.
  • midst In the midst of chaos, she found peace.
  • mist
  • modes I can't get my modes switched to text-only.
  • modest Although she had achieved great success in her career, she remained a modest and humble person.
  • Modesto
  • modesty Despite her incredible achievements, she exuded a sense of modesty that made her all the more admirable.
  • mods The mods made significant changes to the game, improving the overall experience.
  • moist The cake was moist and fluffy, just the way I like it.
  • moldiest I have the moldiest dish in the cabinet.
  • Monist The Monist believes in the existence of only one substance that underlies all things.
  • Monodist
  • moodiest My sister is the moodiest person I know; one minute she's happy and the next she's grumpy.
  • most I think that most people would prefer to play some games rather than watch the movie.

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