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How to spell MORDER correctly?

Possible correct suggestions for the misspelling "morder" could be "murder", "molder" or "border". It is important to consider the context and intended meaning of the word to determine the correct spelling. Using spell check or consulting a dictionary can also help ensure accuracy.

List of suggestions on how to spell morder correctly

  • boarder The college student realized he had a difficult task ahead of him when he found out his new boarder was allergic to gluten.
  • border The two countries shared a long border between them.
  • coder The coder was able to develop a new software program in just a few weeks.
  • dormer The house had a beautiful dormer window that let in plenty of natural light.
  • hoarder I have a hoarder in my family.
  • horde A horde of zombies was advancing on us.
  • madder I am going to dye my hair madder this weekend
  • mender The mender is on the roof repairing the flag.
  • milder Today's temperature is milder than yesterday's scorching heat.
  • minder I hired a minder to watch my child while I was at work.
  • mode The current mode of transportation in this city is the subway.
  • model She chose to become a model in order to achieve her dream of making it big in the fashion industry.
  • modem I need a modem to connect my laptop to the internet.
  • modern I refuse to live in a modern world.
  • modes I have three different modes of communication: talk, text, and email.
  • molder I have to remove the old molder from the machine.
  • moldier A moldier man I have never seen.
  • molter As fall approaches, many birds will start to molter and lose their feathers.
  • moper She was looking for a moper to help her with her chores.
  • more I would rather have more time.
  • morse The morse code is a communication system that was used extensively during World War II.
  • mortar
  • moulder The old wooden shed had begun to moulder, its walls covered in moss and the roof sagging in the middle.
  • mourner The mourner was overwhelmed with grief at the funeral of her beloved husband.
  • mover The professional mover carefully placed the fragile vase in a box with protective padding.
  • mower I need to mow the lawn, so I'll get the lawn mower out of the shed.
  • Murders In America, murders are on the rise.
  • odder That's an odder idea than I expected to hear.
  • oder If there were other animals in the room, I would feed them oder.
  • order The waiter took our order for food and drinks.
  • reorder I will reorder these books after I finish this one.
  • wordier After a day of brainstorming, I found that my ideas were wordier than before.

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