How to spell MORNE correctly?

We think the word morne is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell morne correctly

  • Borne The weight of the responsibility he had to undertake was too heavy to be borne by him alone.
  • maine Maine is known for its beautiful coastlines, seafood, and lighthouses.
  • man
  • mane The wild stallion shook his long mane as he galloped across the prairie.
  • marine
  • Marne During World War I, the Battle of the Marne was a crucial turning point in the conflict.
  • men Men and women should have equal opportunities in the workforce.
  • mien Despite her intense anxiety, she carried herself with a confident mien.
  • min I need to min my expenses this month to save money.
  • mine This diamond mine produces the highest quality jewels.
  • miner The miner worked hard every day to dig for precious metals.
  • mn
  • moan I heard her moan in pain as she stubbed her toe.
  • Moaned She moaned in pain as she twisted her ankle.
  • moaner The moaner was right in front of me, and I couldn't get away.
  • Moe Moe is a four-letter nickname that might have difficulty in standing out.
  • moire The fabric had a nice Moire effect.
  • mon I'm going to mon to the library.
  • mona She always liked to go for walks in the park near her home, but this past weekend, the park was closed due to
  • monet I want to buy a new shoulder bag but I'm not sure if I should spend money on a monet or not.
  • money I need to save more money to pay for my car repairs.
  • monk The monk spent hours reading and meditating in his monastery cell.
  • mono After taking a mono, I feel much better.
  • monroe I'm Monroe, what's your name?
  • mons Are you going to mons today?
  • Mont I wanted to take a hike up Mont Blanc, but it was closed due to the weather.
  • monte I climbed Monte Cristo.
  • moon I remember the moon landing in 1969.
  • Mooned The prankster mooned his friends, causing them to burst out laughing.
  • Mooney My favorite comedian is Mooney Suzuki.
  • moore I read the news today that Moore is no longer a member of the Republican party.
  • moraine Speaking of mountains, the moraine is a sign of a recent glacier.
  • Moran The Moran family runs a bakery in town.
  • more Would you like more cake?
  • Moreno I have a moreno friend.
  • Morin My grandfather is a Morin.
  • morn The morning sun peeked over the horizon.
  • morns The sun set leaving morns in its wake.
  • moron
  • morse At the speed of light, a signal could only be transmitted over a Morse code key.
  • moue She gave him the moue of someone disgusted.
  • mourn I mourned the loss of my grandfather for months after his passing.
  • Mourned The whole community mourned the loss of their beloved mayor.
  • mourner A mourner attended the funeral of her loved one.
  • mourns
  • Mun I must mun the door.
  • murine Many scientific studies use murine models to conduct research on various diseases.
  • one

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