How to spell MOTEF correctly?

We think the word motef is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell motef correctly

  • mate I'm going to invite my mate over for some beers and watch the game.
  • mated The birds mated for life, building their nest together every year.
  • mater The nursing program at university requires its applicants to have completed prerequisite courses in anatomy and mater.
  • mates I am meeting up with my old mates from high school this weekend.
  • matey Torch had to call for backup because his own buddy was in trouble.
  • Mete The school decided to mete out punishment to the students who were caught cheating on the exam.
  • Meted The punishment was meted out according to the severity of the offense.
  • meter The meter is read at the door.
  • METES I was wondering how you are feeling, Metes.
  • mite I saw a mite on the carpet.
  • miter It is customary to hold a miter saw with the blade parallel to the work surface.
  • Mites Their little legs are so fast, they're called mites.
  • moated The castle was surrounded by a moated wall.
  • mode She opted for a more relaxed mode of operation.
  • model She is a successful professional model.
  • modem I need to send a fax through the modem.
  • modes Modes are different ways that people use language.
  • modify I asked the carpenter to modify the design of the bookshelf.
  • MOET I need to MOET my friends before I leave.
  • Mooed
  • Mooted The idea of a new tax system was mooted by the government but has received mixed reactions from the public.
  • mortify I mortified at my terrible mistake.
  • mot Je ne suis pas motive pour aller au travail aujourd'hui.
  • mote The ray of sunlight shining through the window revealed a tiny mote of dust floating in the air.
  • motel I stayed overnight at the motel during my road trip.
  • MOTES The room was filled with tiny motes of dust floating in the air.
  • motet This motet was composed in memory of Charles I.
  • motif The motif of dots and circles is a recurring theme throughout the artist's work.
  • motifs The film's recurring motifs of water and the color blue added to its overall visual impact.
  • motive The detective was trying to determine the perpetrator's motive for committing the crime.
  • motley The motley crew of pirates were a strange mix of races.
  • motor I need a motor for my car.
  • MOTS I've been thinking about moving out of the city for a while now.
  • mott I can't believe I mottled my dress with Milo's spilled milk.
  • motto The motto of our school is "uncellence in all we do.
  • move
  • moved I was so touched by the speech that it moved me to tears.
  • mover The mover is moving the furniture.
  • MTV MTV airs a lot of reality shows.
  • mute The movie was set to play, but the sound was muted.
  • muted The colors in the painting were muted, giving it a soft and understated look.
  • mutes I can't hear the person next to me mutes their microphone.

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  • determination
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