What is the correct spelling for MOTREAL?

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Correct spelling for MOTREAL

We think the word motreal is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for motreal

  • material We have much finished material of this kind from his own hand, and a book or two besides.
  • materiel It will not, I hope, be considered presumptuous if I say that-in making this examination-personal experience of life in the navy sufficiently extensive to embrace both the present day and the time before the introduction of the great modern changes in system and naval materiel will be of great help.
  • maternal Lady Mary observed with maternal complacency that Blanche was looking her best and brightest in one of Creed's masterpieces.
  • maturely After having maturely examined and weighed all these reasons, it was determined to commit the fortune of Prussia to the issue of a battle, if no other means by manoeuvring could be found of driving Marshal Daun from his post at Torgau.
  • metal In smaller works where accuracy is more requisite, and where few or no after operations are to be performed, a mould of metal is employed which has been formed with considerable care.
  • metre There is a fine swing about the metre of this verse, and the description of the leopards as "strained and lean" is a piece of word painting, a felicity of expression that it would be difficult to improve on.
  • mistral It was difficult now to think of the Aramon with its strong guild of hammer men, its coppersmiths swarming from their clattering toil, its tanners and booth-men pouring out of these same ruelles and squares, now grey with mistral or dreamy in the white sunshine.
  • mitre But of course that was on account of jealousy, that he, the regular ladies' coachman, and his musty-smelling, jangling fly and meagrimed horse should be set aside upon an occasion when there would have been "a bite to get and a sup o' suthin' just to wash out a fellow's mouth," For Buddy had a laudable desire to keep his mouth clean by washing it out; and he resented the insult to his dignity upon this occasion by going to the Mitre Tap, and washing out his mouth till he was unable to take this clean mouth home.
  • modal With the intolerance of youth they assumed that the modal turn given to a shanty by the older sailor was the mark of ignorance, since it did not square with their ideas of a major or minor key. This experience is common to all folk-tune collectors.
  • model He was a cavalry officer, 'the model of a light cavalry officer'; he had with him a squadron of his regiment, and we were trying to subdue a very troubled part of the country.
  • montreal It was impossible to give a complete list of the killed and wounded, but several bodies were identified, and among the names of passengers in the Pullman that of T. W. Northwick was reported, from a telegram received by the conductor at Wellwater asking to have a seat reserved from that point to Montreal.
  • moral 8. What per cent, of the population usually "sets the moral pace?"
  • morale His exterior is winning; he is of medium height, light-haired and light-complexioned, of slender figure; simple and well-bred in his manners, and of irreproachable morale.
  • morel Elise Morel was one of these-perhaps the most unbelieving amongst them.
  • mortal We shook hands and became mortal enemies."
  • motel You said that you left your job at the Six Flags Inn Motel because of your obligations to Marina Oswald.
  • mural The State had the good sense to entrust him with some large mural decorations, in which he unfolded the scale of his sparkling colours, and affirmed his spirit, his fancy and his dreamy art.
  • myrdal NSB operates a commuter rail service from Bergen with two hourly departures to Arna, plus fourteen daily departures to Voss, of which up to six continue to Myrdal.
  • trial This, my children, is the pastime I have long practised, after making trial of all others and finding in none contentment of spirit.
  • Martel "Woman, I defy you!" he challenged, "In the name of my ancestor, Charles Martel, King of France!"
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266 words made from the letters motreal

4 letter words made from motreal:

3 letter words made from motreal:

era, ate, elm, tor, rat, rot, eta, ale, olm, rom, leo, roe, let, ola, lat, mao, eat, mar, tar, tea, trm, lot, oat, arm, mat, ert, ter, tao, tam, lao, ore, ret, ram, alt, lam, rem, lem, art, mal, are, moa, mol, oar, atm, toe, lea, tom, ler, ear, mot.

5 letter words made from motreal:

marot, latro, morae, atler, malor, alert, maerl, trema, romae, morat, lmatr, later, amort, maler, loret, tamol, ormea, tarle, treml, oemar, amero, trela, temor, ormat, lamer, tarmo, metor, alero, realo, torme, taler, almer, mtera, matlo, romel, molar, torma, maleo, meatl, ratel, oreal, oltre, melor, atmel, telam, loera, toler, realm, mater, tarlo, morel, alter, oater, letra, telmo, atole, laroe, lorem, malte, lerot, armel, morla, altro, toral, troma, metal, terao, orate, olema, ramet, moral, morta, ealor, roate, morea, retal, orlam, tamer, marle, tramo, talmo, terol, merta, reato, erato, lerma, marol, metro, elmar, malto, atelo, artel, termo, melot, ramot, orale, motel, morte, ramle, altom, ralte, armet, ermal, moret, eramo.

6 letter words made from motreal:

melora, latero, motera, maelor, merlot, armlet, malter, remota, olmert, lerato, marlet, leotar, mealor, molter, olarte, marolt, morlat, mortal, moreta, teramo, morlet, omerta, metlar, morale, olmeta.

7 letter words made from motreal:

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