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How to spell MOURGES correctly?

If you meant to type "mourges" but misspelled it, there are a few possible correct suggestions. One option could be "morgues", referring to places where dead bodies are kept. Another correct spelling could be "merges", meaning the combining of two or more things into one. Double-check your intended meaning and choose the appropriate word.

List of suggestions on how to spell mourges correctly

  • borges
  • forges The blacksmith forges horseshoes using hot coals and a hammer.
  • gorges The hiker was amazed by the breathtaking gorges formed by the powerful river.
  • gouges The deep gouges on the car door indicated a serious collision.
  • merges The two rivers converge and merges into one mighty flow.
  • mores The ancient Greek mores heavily influenced the culture and customs of the Roman Empire.
  • morgues After the war, the overflow of corpses caused the city to open makeshift morgues in public spaces.
  • moues She couldn't help but make moues of disgust as she tasted the bitter medicine.
  • mourners They were solemn mourners at the funeral.
  • mourns The entire community mourns the loss of the beloved mayor.
  • purges The dictator implemented a series of purges to eliminate any opposition to his regime.
  • rouges The actress wore bold rouges on her cheeks and lips for the red carpet event.
  • surges The surge protector provided failed and caused the power to surges.
  • urges He had strong urges to eat junk food, but he knew he needed to stick to his healthy diet.

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