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How to spell MOUSK correctly?

If you're caught up with the misspelling "mousk", fret not! It could easily be corrected to "mouse", referring to the handheld computer device or the small rodent. Alternatively, it could be "mask", a protective covering for the face. Beware, simple typos happen to everyone!

List of suggestions on how to spell mousk correctly

  • Busk I saw a street performer busk on the sidewalk yesterday.
  • dusk I prefer to take a stroll during dusk when the sky turns into a shade of orange and pink.
  • husk I peeled the husk off the corn to reveal the golden kernels.
  • mask I wore a mask to protect myself and others from the spread of the virus.
  • meuse
  • minsk I should do my laundry in Minsk.
  • mock The group of students would often mock the teacher's accent behind her back.
  • mollusk A clam is a type of mollusk.
  • monk The monk spent most of his time meditating and praying in the temple.
  • moos I heard a loud frog moos.
  • moose I went camping in the woods last weekend and saw a moose walking by my tent.
  • morse I can Morse code.
  • Mos
  • moss Under the moss/fern at the base of the tree, I found a small, lime-green frog.
  • mossy The old, abandoned house had a mossy roof and vines creeping up the walls.
  • most
  • moues Her eyes were huge and luminous in her dirt-covered face, and her moues formed a beatific smile.
  • mouse John used a mouse to move the cursor on the computer screen.
  • Moused I moused over the hyperlink to check the URL before clicking on it.
  • mouser I found a mouser on the premises.
  • mousse I am making a chocolate mousse for dessert.
  • mousy I have a bit of a mousy personality.
  • MOWS
  • muck It's disgusting how much muck the rabbits are tipping into the ditch.
  • murk The room was filled with murk after the power went out.
  • mus
  • muse The museum was the perfect place to spend the afternoon exploring the exhibits and exploring the many secrets the muse holds.
  • musk I smell like a musk ox!
  • musky I can smell the musky smell of the bear's fur.
  • muss
  • must You must finish your work today.
  • omsk I don't have any personal experience with the city of Omsk, but I've heard it's quite cold there in the winter.
  • rusk I think I'll have some rusk for breakfast.
  • souk The souk in Marrakech was filled with vibrant colors and fragrant spices.
  • tusk The elephant's long tusk gleamed in the sunlight.

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