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How to spell MOUTLINGS correctly?

When encountering the misspelling "moutlings", consider these possible corrections: "mountings" (referring to fittings or attachments), "moultins" (a variation of "mouldings" used in carpentry) or "moisturizing" (pertaining to hydrating the skin). Double-check the intended context to ensure the accurate choice, as various words could be feasible alternatives.

List of suggestions on how to spell moutlings correctly

  • Couplings The most common type of couplings is a flexible coupling used to connect two shafts together.
  • Footlings
  • Modelings Modelings of climate change predict a continued warming trend in the coming decades.
  • Mottling The mottling of the leaves gave a colorful display in the autumn forest.
  • Mountings The jeweler ordered a new shipment of mountings for the diamond rings.
  • Mouthing As the teacher spoke, I saw my classmate mouthing the answers to the test.
  • Outings We plan to have regular outings to explore the nearby parks and trails.
  • Outlines The teacher provided us with detailed outlines of the upcoming lessons.

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