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How to spell MOVEN correctly?

If you've come across the misspelling "moven", fear not! It is likely a typo of the word "move" with an extra "n". To correct this mistake, simply replace "moven" with "move" to ensure accurate spelling. Remember, we all make typos sometimes, but it's quick and easy to fix them!

List of suggestions on how to spell moven correctly

  • coven The witches gathered in a coven to perform their spells and rituals.
  • even
  • govern The prime minister is responsible for helping to govern the country.
  • maven As a technology maven, she was always the first to know about the latest advancements and innovations.
  • mavens Mavens are responsible for automating the process of building software.
  • men Some men enjoy exercising every day.
  • mien Feeling down because of my mien, I decide to go for a walk.
  • moan
  • modern Modern art is often difficult to understand.
  • mon I want to eat at the mon restaurant.
  • money
  • moon The full moon cast a beautiful glow over the dark night sky.
  • Moreno I want to buy Moreno a birthday present.
  • morn
  • mourn She will mourn her father's sudden death for the rest of her life.
  • move
  • move in
  • moved I moved to a new apartment yesterday.
  • mover The mover carefully packed the family's belongings into boxes.
  • movers Are you looking for a reliable and trustworthy moving company? Look no further than the movers!
  • moves She made moves on him and he accepted.
  • movie Oh, I want to see the new movie.
  • MOVIES One of my favorite movies is "The Adjustment Bureau".
  • moving I am moving to a new house next month.
  • novena I went to the church every day to say the novena for nine continuous days.
  • Novene
  • oven
  • Sven My best friend's brother is called Sven.
  • woven The tapestry was intricately woven with gold thread.

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