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How to spell MOVET correctly?

If you meant to write "move", then "movet" is most likely a misspelling. Here are some possible correct suggestions: "move", "mover", "move it", "moved", "moves". Please check your context and intended meaning to choose the best option.

List of suggestions on how to spell movet correctly

  • covet The wealthy man would covet material possessions that he didn't even need.
  • meet Let's meet for drinks after work.
  • Met I met my best friend when we were in kindergarten.
  • moat
  • mode The "silent mode" feature on my phone is very useful during meetings.
  • MOET
  • moiety In some cultures, property was divided based on moiety, where each branch of a family received an equal share.
  • monet Claude Monet is considered to be one of the leading figures of Impressionism.
  • moot The moot is adjourned for today.
  • Mort After failing his Mortar Board test, Mort felt like he was doomed to a lifetime of manual labor.
  • mot Il m'a donne un mot d'encouragement avant l'examen.
  • mote The mote in my eye cannot be removed.
  • motet She sang a motet during their performance.
  • mott
  • move Move your things before you leave.
  • moved She was very moved by his letter.
  • mover She was a mover for the company.
  • moves He carefully watched the chess board and planned his moves accordingly.
  • movie
  • overt She kept her overt as ever.

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